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Don’t leave your royalties on the table. Collect what’s yours.

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Every stream on Spotify, video creation on Tik Tok, view on YouTube, radio spin or live performance; your original songs are generating publishing royalties.TuneCore, together with Sentric’s Rights App Technology, has direct memberships with rights collection agencies all over the world. We get you paid faster than ever before.

Register Unlimited Songs Worldwide
Don't leave any royalties on the table
Collect Royalties from Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, & Facebook
Mechanical and performance royalties are earned with each stream
Monetize Your Compositions on YouTube
Register unlimited songs and collect more revenue
Sync Licensing Opportunities
Opt-in to be pitched by our Creative team for TV, film, ads & more
Keep 100% of Your Copyrights
Collect your royalties without sacrificing ownership
Verified Song Registrations
Automatically verified song registrations means more data, more matches and more money
Focus on Creating
With a publishing administrator, you've got one less distraction

Success Stories

Queendom Come
DJ Telly Tellz
Helen Jane Long
CJ King

Collect All of Your Royalties

We work with thousands of pay sources around the world to get you all the revenue you deserve. Spend more time making music and let TuneCore Publishing collect your royalties. TuneCore Publishing will collect:

Global Mechanical Royalties
Every stream on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music generates a mechanical royalty

Global Performance Royalties
Every stream on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music generate a performance royalty as does your music being used on TV, radio, satellite radio, in bars, restaurants, concert venues and more.

Global Micro-Sync Royalties
Every video with music created on Tik Tok or uploaded to YouTube generates both a performance and mechanical reproduction royalty

Global Print Royalties
Anywhere your music or lyrics are printed, royalties are generated

Thousands of other global pay sources!

Get Your Music in TV, Movies, Games, & More

Our team works globally to pitch your music for placements in film, TV, commercials, and video games.

We make sure your compositions are front-and-center for every new licensing opportunity. Check out examples below of successful placements in hit TV shows and movies.

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Keep 85% of the royalties collected.

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Keep 50% of the revenue collected.