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When the songs you write are downloaded or streamed worldwide, you may be earning royalties you don’t even know about. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration finds & collects these royalties for you.

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How You're Covered

Worldwide Registrations
Sync Licensing Opportunities
Keep 100% of Your Copyrights
Register Unlimited Compositions

Every stream, every cover, every concert; no matter where your original music is being played around the world, you deserve your royalties. TuneCore has direct memberships with rights collection agencies from around the world to make sure you’re covered wherever your career takes you.

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Collect All Your Royalties

Performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC only collect your performance royalties, which account for about half of what you are owed. TuneCore works alongside PROs, and is able to collect all the money you’re owed from more than a dozen different types of royalties.

collect these royalties:

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration
collects these royalties for its songwriters:

Performance (ringtone/radio/TV)


Digital performance (streaming, satellite radio)

Streaming mechanicals

Live Performance (US & Canada Only)

Live performance (Worldwide)




Master Use Fees (from Synchronization uses)


How Publishing Works

TuneCore Music Distribution

You receive all of the master owner royalties from the sales and streams of your music, plus the mechanical royalties from downloads in the U.S. and Latin America

YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

You can collect revenue from your sound recording on YouTube. Visit Artist Services to learn more.

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

You receive all of the songwriter publisher royalties from around the world except the mechanicals from downloads in the U.S. and Latin America (if you own the master recording).



One-time Setup Fee 

Submit as many compositions as you like.



Keep 85% of the royalties collected.


Sync Commission

Keep 80% of the revenue.


"TuneCore has always been my solution for digital distribution of my music and as my publishing admin team, they helped me get a sync for one of my songs. This gave me the flexibility to continue making music."

-The Undercover Dream Lovers

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