Making Time with iTunes!

As of last week, the amount of time for most TuneCore
Artist’s albums, singles, EPs or ringtones to go live on iTunes was less than 24 hours. Even
more amazing, on Thursday of last week, we had one TuneCore Artist's release go
live on iTunes within 28 minutes
of completing checkout.  These incredibly fast live times are
happening for the majority of TuneCore Artist releases, our goal is to have
them happen for ALL TuneCore Artists releases (and we are working on it!).

In addition to faster live times on iTunes, the new and
improved TuneCore delivery system now has TuneCore Artist's releases delivered to
iTunes within five minutes twelve seconds
of completing checkout – the old TuneCore delivery time had the snail like pace of three to five hours.

TuneCore not only has the highest payout rates and is the most reliable and trusted music distributor in the world for artists, it is
also one of the fastest  ways in the world to have music distributed.

When we launched five years ago it took six to eight weeks
for releases to go live. I am psyched on how things are progressing!

And on a side note, I am also really excited to say that Demon
is the first TuneCore Artist to have their song available to buy for
game play on Rock Band, there are three more bands and songs going live in the
next two weeks and another six coming up behind those.

Make certain to keep your eyes peeled on the new store
additions – we just added Mog, iLike, European based Tesco and ten more stores via MediaNet.   And if you logged in recently,
you might notice Spotify is now available to add as a store (please note, Spotify has not yet launched in the U.S.).

We are also continuing to market and promote TuneCore
Artists for features. 

Some recent placements for TuneCore Artists include:

How To Destroy Angels – Featured in iTunes Japan 

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – Featured in iTunes US New &
Noteworthy Alternative section

Beckah Shae – Featured in iTunes US and is now the #3
Inspirational track

Colt Ford  & Brantley Gilbert  - Featured on the iTunes US Country page

Lloyd Banks & Busta Rhymes
Featured on the iTunes Rap/Hip Hop section

Also congratulations to TuneCore Artist Jaron & The Long
Road To Love
for signing a marketing deal with Universal Republic and selling
over 500,000 copies of the single Pray For You in the past eight weeks.

And finally a big congratulations to TuneCore Artist Drake,
who some time ago signed a marketing deal with Universal and is expected
to  have the  number one album in the country next

  • Our album “Bittersweet Horizon” was up the next day after I uploaded it to Tunecore. I checked the date and it apparently was up the same day I uploaded it. It was just so fast I didn’t know it. I emailed Tunecore support and starred at it for a while, because 2 years back it took a month to get it on iTunes. That’s awesome!
    Awake! Awake!

  • That’s fantastic news. An even bigger benefit to the rapid time-to-release is the ability to much more easily do PR for the release. If you know your album is going to be in stores tomorrow, you can fire off a press release announcing the fact. In the past, we’ve had to wait for weeks, and hold any press releases until our album has actually gone live, which can be very frustrating. Great job, Tunecore!

  • That explains why an album I submitted yesterday leap frogged over an album I sent last week!
    Now for ALL albums to be live by this weekend would be AWESOME. (We are in an Expo in Boston all day Sat).
    Thanks TC for your dedication.

  • Don

    Great news! Thanks for continuing to excel at what you do, Tunecore !

  • We requested the single to be out on the fourth of july and it happened thanks to Tunecore. Everyone involved in the Hovrment single “Ish” here at T. Marlow Productions would like to thank you for the perfect timing on this one Big shout out to Tunecore see you on the next one.

  • My CD titled “Who Is Like Unto You?” made it to Itunes less than half a day after I uploaded it. That was much faster than I expected. Thanks.

  • The registry is where iTunes will keep all the settings that it needs to “remember” eachtime it loads, such as your family’s name and even what street your Sims live on. It’s often the case that the registry will become