Recently TuneCore Artist Mike Lombardo recorded an extremely honest, insightful, informative video “smackdown” in response to an article posted on a blog called

“Filesharing Will Go Down in History As the Greatest Thing Ever to Happen to Music”

Well, filesharing may or may not be one of the “greatest” things to ever happen to music – but if it is, not for some of the gems the author lists, such as

  • The end of millionaire rock stars is a GOOD thing.
  • Artists don’t, and never have, made money.
  • Money is not a good motivation to make art.
  • Everything is ALREADY free and better because of it.
  • Creating art doesn’t cost anything.
  • Money stifles creativity.
  • You (artists) are not ENTITLED to money. You cannot FORCE people to buy things they don’t want.
  • Not everyone is a greedy bastard; many people work for free.

Mike’s point-by-point response is far better than anything I could ever come up with. It’s honest, it’s real and it comes from the perspective of someone who lives and breathes what its like to be an artist.
It is worth watching.


His music is also worth listening to. His new album Songs For A day recently was released by DFTBA Records (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).

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