• Gosh, it would be good to be able to hear the answers until the end. The last two videos cut off while the explanation is still being given.

  • Carlos Guerra

    Is writing music in the style of another artist an infringement,even if the music is my own creation? Thank you.

  • Debonair73

    What about a cover remix? When an artist recreates a song and use some of the lyrics like the chorus from the original but write new verses. Rappers do this all the time. Does a mechanical license cover this type of situation or does the artist has to get permission to sell their version of the song from the publishers directly?

  • Are derivative works licensed trough Harry Fox? My band got the publisher’s permission to translate to Spanish Lightning Seeds’ song ‘Sense’ (Es facil ver) but they wouldn’t negotiate an ownership percentage of the translation. It seems to us that they are now owners of the translation and that we owe them all revenues derived from the Spanish song. If that is the case, we don’t see any point in ever translating a song from another artist. Also, can they use the translation as they see fit?
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