We’ve been playing with GarageBand on our computers around the office, and have recently discovered Apple’s coolest version of it yet: GarageBand for iPad. The program comes with several different instruments in 2 versions: regular and smart. The “smart” instruments are made for those who aren’t as musically inclined. If you choose the smart keyboard for example, you play preselected chords so you don’t have to worry about hitting a bad one.

Because it’s for the iPad (iPad and iPad 2), how you tap the screen plays a large part in music production. The drums are touch sensitive, and you control the strength of the beat: tap lightly for a soft drum beat or use a little force for a stronger sound. Your finger acts as guide for the smart guitar as well- you can tap out riffs and melodies, or trigger fingerpicking and strumming patterns for acoustic and electric guitars.

There are tons of syntheizer sounds to work with, like synth strings, leads, basses, and more. And you can choose from ten stompbox effects including distortion, echo, and chorus.

$5 for a portable recording studio that allows you to email or export your creation right to your iTunes library? Not too bad…


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