By Jacqueline Rosokoff

Most of my time spent listening to radio was in the old station wagon on my way to highschool, usually running late. Now I don’t have to be speeding to chemistry in order to listen to local stations and celebrity hosted shows.  The iheartradio app from Clear Channel Management Services broadcasts over 750 radio stations, including NY’s Z100, LA’s KIIS-FM, Slow Jams, Smooth Jazz, plus weather and traffic.  The app is compatible with most devices- available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and iPad.  Oh also, it’s free.

You can search for stations by location, name, or music genre, or if you’re in the mood to be surprised you can shake the phone and let the app land on a station.  If you know what you like you can save your favorite stations and songs.  The app even lets you set it so that one station plays immediately at the program’s launch.

Back in my days of listening to the radio, I would hear a song I liked and then without fail, miss the radio announcer calling out the name of the song and artist. iheartradio has a solution to my problem, as you can view the history of your stations and songs. Never again will I let a catchy (and unfamiliar) song pass me by!

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