Boston-based rock band The Lights Out, has found great success in online dating.   Or rather, the attractive female centaur on their latest album “The Rock Pony” has.  Determined to use social media in a unique way to increase band awareness and engage fans, The Lights Out created an OkCupid account for the mythical creature on their album cover, filling out the dating profile as they believed the Rock Pony would.

(Text below taken from the Rock Pony’s OkCupid profile)

Self Summary: Mythical creature, dwelling in the space between your pituitary gland and your stereo speakers

Favorite Food: Barley, maize, bran, greens

Job: Entertainment/Media

Speaks: English (Fluently), Ancient Greek (Okay)

The results of the extended promotion have been overwhelmingly positive. The band has seen an 80% increase in traffic to their website, hundreds of visits to The Rock Pony’s dating profile since the campaign began in October 2010, and they’ve received and replied to hundreds of messages.

The band has remained transparent in their efforts, making it clear that the Rock Pony is a band-created character and not a real woman looking for a romantic connection. And they’ve provided an incentive for OkCupid users to reach out:

“Profile lovingly managed by the lights out. We forward all incoming messages to the rock pony, and like a true workhorse, she will respond to every one. We also award the most entertaining messages with a free copy of the new EP and guestlist spots at our shows.”

The Rock Pony’s horsey good looks and charming, playful profile have resulted in high rankings on the site, a “Brilliant Profile Award,” and several complimentary messages. How’s that for creative marketing?

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