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Are you someone who is upset that the carry-a-boombox-with-you-no-matter-where-you-go craze isn’t as common as it once was?  Well The Retro Boombox Music Player for iPad is bringing that back, and their classic design is light enough to increase the number of places to which you can carry your boombox.

The Retro Boombox can play any music in your iTunes library, tracks you’ve recorded through the boombox, and AM/FM radio (U.S., UK, Australia) stations.  Its design is detailed and clean.  All dials and switches are interactive, and there’s even a movable antenna and handle.  Additional features include: custom preset bass equalizer, unique LCD screen display, auto organization of albums, artists, and genres, ability to swipe clockwise and counter-clockwise through AM/FM frequencies.

This app is so realistic, John Cusack had better look out…

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