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Smule, the creators of social music apps like Magic Piano and Glee Karaoke have developed an app that lets you create a whole song from your bicycle, a can of soda, a book, or any other object or sound. MadPad, compatible on the iPhone ($0.99), iPad ($2.99), and iPod can turn any sight or sound into an instrument.

Don’t believe it? Watch music being made from a coffee shop.  Or from a 1991 Honda.

When you record all of the sounds separately, you record them as video clips, which become an interactive video soundboard with which to create a song. You just tap your finger on the different clips, so that the result is your own beat.  After creating a song out of a car or coffee shop, you’re probably going to want to share that with your friends. With one click you can share your creation on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or through email.

If you’d rather ease into the app, you can play around with the free interactive video sets that Madpad comes with, like some from YouTube’s Mystery Guitar Man.

So head to your garage, or grab a book from the bookshelf, and make some music!

Download MadPad for the iPhone

Download MadPad for the iPad

Visit the MadPad site

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