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SuperGlued will make your your life a lot easier when it comes to finding and attending live concerts.  The local calendar will keep you aware of upcoming shows in your area, complete with a list of the artists performing, the venue address, the attendee list, and other relevant info.  If you see something you like you can purchase the tickets through your phone.

The app also tries to help you find some shows you might like, by scanning your iTunes library to pull out matches of nearby concerts.  One of the coolest features is the festival schedule tool, which shows upcoming music festivals around the world, allowing you to get a head start on making plans.

SuperGlued has a large social component, as it aims to connect you with other concertgoers.  Wondering where the bathrooms are or what the name of the opening band is?  Ask others who are also at the show, through the app’s forum for discussion.  If you have concert photos on flickr, youtube videos, or reviews, you can tag your content with the “showID” and others will be able to see it on SuperGlued.

Concertgoers aren’t the only ones using SuperGlued;  venues, festivals, and the performers themselves can engage concertgoers by holding tour-based competitions through the app.

The concert tickets might not be free, but the app sure is!

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