Only once every four years do we get to experience a leap year. In honor of this rare occasion, we wanted to feature TuneCore Artists who chose February 29th as their release date. We think that’s pretty awesome.

Abser – Me And Me

Benjamin J. EversonAcapella Anthems

Big Urban – It’s Not So Much The Heat . . . It’s The Humidity

Bigrough – Hang On Tight!

BoomTracks – Another World

Coral Caves – Sometimes Shine

Coronado – Awake In Silence

DJ Vakis – Dreams

Darryl Thorne – Train Station Blues

Earthquake Lights – Bangups & Hangups

Grenade Jumper – Beat Beat Beat

Hanzo Reiza & pro.Dj Bandeira – Dirty Baron

iamamiwhoami – Drops

Jack Alden – Long Road Home

Jason Tyler Burton – The Mend

Jeremiah The Prophet – Urban Hymnes

Jordan Corey – Do Me Wrong

Jordan Owens – Fading Away

Justin Kintzel – Death Is Overcome

Justin Young – Clean Slate

Kayla Moreno – First (acoustic)

Kevin Riepl – Henri 2.0 (Original Soundtrack)

Khamsina – The Conductor

Lord Zealous – Dream Sleep

Lukas Persson – Bologna Money

Matt Beilis – Parade

Mister Chase – Don’t Let Me Down

Napalmdrama – Oxigeno

Neon Legion – Eyes

Pixelpussy – Das Mewntz

Realistic – Drowned In Meaning

Sonny Pate – All I Know

Stormchasers – The Storm

Suezo, Miku Hatsune – Heptagonal Snow Crystals (feat. Miku Hatsune)

Tob Studio – Looking For Other Worlds Remix

Tramendas-TooStrong – My Heart’s A Monster

Unykue The Kid A.K.A Christopher Smith – Lifeguard (Prod By Kid Brotha) (feat. Justin)

Various Artists – Hivern Jacking Tapes Vol. 1

Warhol’s Theory – The Infernal Flying Machine

Your Favorite Martian – White Boy Wasted

Zain – Arms Around Me (feat. Kraft)

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