NXNE and TuneCore collaborated on creating this “best of” album featuring over 40 top artists from the NXNE Music Festival. The album is available for free download on Amazon MP3 U.S.

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Below are the bands & tracks featured on the album…


Song Artist
1. Open Your Heart The Men
2. Obedear Purity ring
3. Lightshow Plants and Animals
4. Negative Space METZ
5. Able To Eternal Summers
6. Scarlett  2:54
7. Aphrodite Phèdre
8. Bounce Brasstronaut
9. Goldilocks Zone Grass Widow
10. Busted Lip Odonis Odonis
11. Phasing Hume
12. Magic Fountain Art vs Science
13. Tosta Mista Hooded Fang
14. The Art of Cartography The Cautioneers
15. True Hearts Foam Lake
16. Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin Elephant Stone
17. Drifting in and Out Porcelain Raft
18. The Pilot The White Buffalo
19. Rattle Your Cage Boxer the Horse
20. Funeral Song Fast Romantics
21. Asshole Pandemic Pkew Pkew Pkew (Gunshots)
22. From the Heart The Mercy Now
23. The Light (Live At Brooklyn Bowl) PitchBlak Brass Band
24. House Arrest Catlow
25. You Don’t Know (What You’re Asking of Me) Chris Velan
26. Those Were the Days Elvyn
27. Tom Dula Indian Wars
28. Boom Broken Bricks
29. Non-Controversial Soft Copy
30. Japanese Eyes Chang-a-Lang
31. Beggars Will Ride Larry and His Flask
32. Taken Away Nash
33. Anthem of Hearts Peter Kernel
34. Last Looks The Sour Notes
35. Soft Step Eastborough
36. Shine Ain’t No Love
37. BX 12 (Bus Ride) Max Burgundy
38. Whatever You Want Theflow
39. Art & a Wife Rah Rah
40. There are Wolves Papermaps
41. Neko Case Hate Fucks Kurt Cobain Little Foot Long Foot
42. Ghost in the Backseat Changing Modes
43. Grasping With Air Utidur
44. The End of Road (Can’t Believe It’s Over Now) Hopeful Monster
45. Wicked Game (Cover) These Electric Lives


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