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Country star Colt Ford just released a brand new album “Declaration of Independence,” and is already seeing it resonate with his fans. His track “Drivin’ Around Song (feat. Jason Aldean)” reached the top ten overall songs on iTunes, and the album itself is currently #1 on the Country Charts and #4 overall release on the album charts. The album is packed with carefully chosen collaborations and stories representing Ford’s journey as well as his future.  Read on as the talented artist and label co-founder talks about his collaborative process, his involvement with other artists on Average Joes Entertainment, and how he developed his signature style of rap mixed with country.

Your music defies the traditional genres of country/hip hop.  Has it been a conscious effort to bridge those genres together to create your own?
I consider myself a country artist—I never tried to bridge anything, I just wanted to make the best songs I could make, and this is how I could do it.

How did you develop your delivery style of mixing rap with country?
I just couldn’t sing very well. I mean I can sing a little, and they have things in the studio to help you, but I wanted the sound to be real, not manufactured.

You’ve had incredible success with your past releases, and your newest album, Declaration Of Independence, just hit stores. Is this an album you’ve had in the works for a while? How did it come together?
I think this is the best record I’ve made so far. I was very specific with what I wrote for this record, and it came together really fast. My fans, as well as real life, were the inspirations for this album. I wanted to really open the door to my soul with this record, and I did.  The songs represent my life and where I am in my life: the past, the present, and the future.

You’ve done (and continue to do) many collaborations with artists like with Jake Owen, Montgomery Gentry, and Darius Rucker.  How do you decide who to collaborate with?
I love working with other artists, and everyone on this record is a friend. I let the song tell me who I want to record with.

What’s your collaborative process like? Do you usually write the music or does your collaborator contribute to the writing as well?
Well I do write with other artists but most of the time I have the songs written. It is hard with folks’ schedules sometimes, but if the artist has an idea I am always open.

In addition to releasing your music through Average Joe’s Entertainment, you’re one of its co-founders. How involved are you with other artists on the label?
Well with my being on the road so much, the day to day stuff is tough, but I know what’s going on. It depends on the artist as to how involved I am.

Have any major labels tried to get you to sign with them? If so, why did you decide to maintain your artistic independence?
Yea there have been some, but it just didn’t make sense in the long run.

What’s your live show like?
I have one of the best live bands in the business and our show reflects that we have a party on stage.

What can your fans look forward to next?
Well, the music on this record, and my doing all I can to please the fans.

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