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#TCVideoFridays today on TuneCore!  Check out a few awesome videos from some talented TuneCore Arists.

But first, a quick reminder! TuneCore can distribute your videos to iTunes.  The Maine, Chichi Peralta, Paulini, Hunter Parrish, and Krissy Krissy all have videos on sale through TuneCore. For more info, click here or contact [email protected]

 The Maine – Like We Did

Krissy Krissy – Dream

Hunter Parrish – Sitting at Home

Paulini – Ping Pong with My Heart (feat. Wally Green)

Chichi Peralta – La Pastillita

And now the videos!


Ray Lavender – We Love


Seltzer – Ideas de Marzo


Trip Ghetaway- Awesome


Saints Alight – Dice, Heart, or Bust


Redneck Social Club – Naked Wasted


It Lies Within – Home is Where the Heart is (album out September 4)


Hasheem Amin – The Microphone (feat. Sean C)

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