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Even if you haven’t heard her name, you’ve likely heard her music. Skyler Stonestreet, a pop singer who describes her sound as “left of center,” has had great success with TV placements. Her music has been featured on shows like One Tree Hill and Laguna Beach, and most recently her single “A Little Taste” was showcased in ABC’s Sunday Promo for several of the station’s shows.  Check out our Q&A below in which Skyler talks about how these TV placements have come about, what kind of team she thinks an artist needs to succeed, and more.

Without using ‘conventional’ genre words, describe your sound.
I would describe my sound as spontaneous, left of center, without boundaries and completely heartfelt.

Before a new release hits stores, how do you market and promote it?
Usually I promote it most with film/tv placements, when it is placed in a show it increases the people listening and new people get to hear my music, which really helps with the release.

You’ve gotten great television exposure of your music on shows like “One Tree Hill,” “Laguna Beach,” and your latest single “A Little Taste” has been used on ABC promos.  How did these placements come about?
Some of the placements happened because I was sending my music to placement companies and going that route, and some came upon my music online and contacted me which was really cool.  The promo on ABC I got from a live showcase that I was playing with the other writer and the producer of “A Little Taste” Jacques Brautbar.  We played it live and next thing you know it was on ABC!

What are your goals as an artist?
To release a record, tour, write as much as possible, and do everything I’m doing now on a bigger level.

How are you working toward achieving those goals?
I just keep pushing, it’s all about the work you do, and the persistence.  Just because something goes wrong (which it will a number of times before it goes right!) you cannot give up.  I just continue using my craft and I imagine where I want to be, and work towards that every day.

What kind of team do you think an artist needs to succeed?
Well a team is VERY helpful, and can make things go quicker in my opinion, but I have done a lot on my own and have had a lot of things happen so far that have been amazing.  I think you can really get a lot done on your own if you want to, but a manager, creative team, etc would not hurt!

Skyler Stonestreet - A Little Taste

Why does TuneCore work for you?
I have used TuneCore since I started releasing music.  I love that you can get your music up quick, and it’s a very good system, it’s fair and very easy to use.  I have always used it.

Have you signed a publishing admin deal?
I have not yet, there have been some new opportunities placed before me with the recent success of “A Little Taste” but I have not signed a deal yet.  I have made relationships with different licensing companies and networks, and that is how I get my songs out there.

What’s the one most important tip you would give another independent artist trying to make a name for him/herself?
Write as much as you can, and work on your music every single day.  There are going to be times when you feel like you just got punched in the face and you must tune out any doubt, it’s just going to work against you.  Imagine where you want to be and strive to do that every day and you will see it start unfolding, which is truly rewarding.

Are there mistakes you’ve learned from along the way?
YES.  Don’t ever sign something right away, because once you sign you are locked in.  Also sometimes be wary of the promises people make and let actions speak louder than words.

What can we look forward to next?
I will be releasing a new song to follow up “A Little Taste” and then you can expect an EP out, touring, and a new video!

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