CMJ has announced hundreds of artists playing this year’s Music Marathon in NYC,October 16-20.  You can check out the current schedule here. More and more artists are being announced, so it’s hard to keep up, but at last count there were over 120 artists playing who have used TuneCore. We love to see the annual gathering of talent in our hometown each year.

We’re excited to head out to see a bunch of our bands playing, and we’ll be taking photos and tweeting our adventures. If you see a TuneCore band and use the #TuneCoreAtCMJ, we’ll retweet.

Our week begins Tuesday night at Brooklyn Bowl, where along with Pledge Music, we’re sponsoring The Infamous Stringdusters and Shel show—we’ll be following the ‘Dusters along their U.S. tour with updates from the road— more details here.

We often give advice to artists on ways to get their music out there, but this time we wanted to let the artists do the talking. Here are a few quotes that bands sent in response to our questions regarding advice for independent bands and how TuneCore has helped them…


“TuneCore has been a fundamental resource for us as a band. We want to get our music out to as many ears as possible and TuneCore facilitates that without any headaches. Working with you all is a no brainer.”
– The Foot.

“Work hard and network with everyone possible. TuneCore is great for distributing our music and making sure it goes up for sale/streaming at every avenue possible.”
– Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

“Continue writing, playing, and putting yourself out there. Use the accessibility of the internet to your advantage by connecting with people and trying to put your music as many places as possible. And Why I use Tunecore: It’s just the easiest, most universal, and professional method I’ve found for releasing music independently. They really cover all of your electronic release bases.”
– Danny Chait

“Never stop working. We hear ‘no’ a lot more than we hear ‘yes’ but we keep promoting and working as much and as hard as we can. Eventually someone will see some merit. (TuneCore’s) media player is the easiest and cleanest way to send streams of your album out to blogs and labels and who ever else you want to hear your work.
– Indyns

“The one and only tip I have for other independent artists is to believe in the music you’re making and stick with it. It’s very easy to sway to the genre that’s poppin’ now, but being brand new allows one to perfect the lane of music and creativity that will set you apart… TuneCore has been helpful in getting us feature placements on all the retail sites and video platforms.   We also love the trend reports and the weekly features and blog access. Add to that, we know where we’re selling and can pick where we want to be.”
– Krissy Krissy

“Don’t follow, be different, take chances. TuneCore is for any artist the shop window to the world’
– Lowlakes

Check out the TuneCore At CMJ Spotify playlist here.

Guide to TuneCore Artists at CMJ

(If you’re playing CMJ, use TuneCore, and don’t see your name/show – send your information to with the subject #TC@CMJ and we’ll add you to the list!)

Air Traffic Controller

Alyson Greenfield

Amy Bezunartea

Andy Suzuki & The Method

Apollo Run


Arthur Beatrice

Bear Hands

Big Scary


Bueller Da Don

Chip Tha Ripper


Danny Chait

Daughn Gibson


Death Grips




Dirty Names

Dope D.O.D.


Early Graves

Edmund II

Electric Guest


emma louise

Exes of Evil

Field Mouse


French Camp

Gary War



Gold Fields

Great Caesar

Green Paper

Hey Champ

Hey Marseilles


Hey Rosetta!

Idgy Dean


Io Echo

Jacob Jeffries Band

Joy Kills Sorrow


Krissy Krissy

Kyla La Grange

Labyrinth Ear

Late Cambrian

Le Blorr

Leopold and his Fiction

Les Racquet


Lily & The Parlour Tricks

Lisa O’Neill

Local H



Men and Whales



Midnight Beast

Mieka Pauley


Miracles of Modern Science

Monsters Calling Home

Moon Hooch

Moon King

Mount Moriah

Mr. Dream





Robert Glasper




She Keeps Bees



Skinny Lister



SneakerBox Chock

So Cow

Solid Gold

Space Camp

Spirit Animal


Starlight Girls


Talk Normal

Teen Daze


The Catch Fire

The Dead Ships

The Foot.

The Front Bottoms

The Ugly Club

The Walkmen

The Young Evils

The Young Things

Tiny Victories


Turbo Fruits

Turf  War

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

U.S. Royalty

Vagina Panther


Von Haze

Way Yes


Yellow Red Sparks

You Won’t

Young Buffalo

Zulu Pearls

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