Three Reasons to Be Thankful You're a Songwriter

By Cliff Goldmacher

I thought I would take a moment to tell you (and myself while I’m at it) a few of the things we have to be thankful for as songwriters.  Songwriting is the kind of pursuit that often takes place in a vacuum with little or no encouragement and is, by its very nature, solitary.  Also, given that only the tiniest percentage of the songs we write ever get to see the light of day, it’s easy to get frustrated. The risk is that we tend to forget what a gift being a songwriter actually is.  Here are a few reminders.

1. You’ve got a way to express yourself

Cliff GoldmacherIn the course of living our day-to-day lives, we are subjected to an unpredictable mixture of elation and sadness.  No matter what, this is a lot to handle, but having the ability to write about it is a huge advantage. Putting your thoughts in a song that will not only help you but also those who hear it, is a wonderful, constructive way of processing life.  Without the ability to write songs, you might never have the luxury of this kind of perspective.

2. You’ve got something you’re passionate about

Many people go through their entire lives without finding something that truly moves them. You’ve got a passion.  While your passion for songwriting may at times make you crazy, it will also bring you great joy and drive you to efforts that you never thought yourself capable of.  Being passionate about your songwriting is its own reward.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t strive for any and all successes that are out there. However, it’s important to remember every once in a while that you’re lucky to have found something in this world that is so important to you.

3. You’re on a journey

Whether it’s the first time you write a whole song or win a grammy, every step of your journey as a songwriter should be appreciated.  You will only have one first time to Heather Rigdonsee someone listen to something you’ve written.  Don’t forget to stop and enjoy each event no matter how small.  The danger in putting too much significance on the end game of financial success is that you’ll miss all the incredible moments along the way.


We all know how difficult, frustrating and even scary songwriting can be. Being thankful for all of the good it brings us can help keep things in perspective.  Personally, I’m thankful for my high-school piano teacher who nonchalantly asked for the impossible at the end of one of our lessons, “For next week, I’d like you to write a song.”

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  • These are not good reasons.

  • These are very good reasons, because they all apply to me personally! I feel so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to sit here all day and (sometimes night) and create music and later share it with the world! What a great feeling! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • This article brought a great and unexpected relief to me today. It also reminded me I am not alone in the struggle this craft brings. Thank you, Cliff.

  • Shamoozey

    Being a songwriter is like playing a game of solitaire, only with intelligence! Cliff has captured the reasons splendidly.

  • Kama Linden

    about to start my 3rd CD….i have a kickstarter going.

  • Weez Pop

    So true….keep writing 🙂

  • Laing

    De Ja Vous!!!!!

  • makala cheung

    love it

  • debsing4u

    I took a break, but I’m back. Working on another song as we speak.

  • Richard wyles

    As a songwriter i have come to realize that it’s truely an amazing gift , to be able to express my thoughts my deepest emotions and watch as the world relates to them and enjoy them, so yeah i thank god for this gift , peace

  • baykdgoodz

    Thank you for this article. I am a negative, cynical person by nature, and it’s nice to take a break now and then. Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday. Okay, maybe 2nd to Christmas.

  • Fronz Arp

    I think that often the frustrating parts are just the bits surrounding the writing, the career stuff, and the less you let them affect your writing process the more likely you are to enjoy it a lot. nice article

  • As usual, Cliff is spot on.

  • I absolutely agree as being a songwriter an Independent one at that I’m in solitude a lot of my journey. I have to motivate, inspire, and push myself to go far lengths on my path just so that I may Inspire others to do so as well. It has it’s ups and downs and boiling points but the key objective is to continue going and it is our destiny as songwriters. I enjoy doing what I do it may not pay much in the beginning but it’s definitely well worth the try and investment. I’m Ebjade and also a member to our growing Tunecore community. I really love this article because I related to every topic of it.

  • Sue Clayton

    Well said Cliff; I couldn’t agree more! Shine On!

  • I agree Cliff, song writing is a solitary craft most of the time for me. And it can get lost in the shuffle of life, But just like other forms of creative writing I love, the music just begins to play in my head at moments in life that would knock me out of the game, Music that uplifts, soothes and comforts and the lyrics just spill forth that answer and explain what was so unclear before, Magical! Writing is a friend to me. Best friend I’ve ever had.

  • Vladislav Zhidkov

    “Спасибо за домен. Я, к сожалению, был вынужден начать работать водителем, что бы выжить. Вся моя деятельность, связанная с музыкой и интернетом, меня разочаровала, поскольку, не приносит ни какого дохода.Вероятно самостоятельное изучение вопроса, на протяжении всех потраченных мною лет, – бесполезная трата времени. Помощи ждать не от куда, альтернатива – забыть о заработке со своей музыки, и быть серой мышью, как все. Я буду писать новую музыку, при возможности. Все, что касается интернета, доменов, заработков и перспектив, считаю не правдой. Если есть реальные альтернативы, для занятия именно интернетом и созданием музыки в дальнейшем, – буду рад сотрудничать и оценю. Сейчас, я вынужден считать все предлагаемые мне предложения – рекламой, и не более. Спасибо, Ваш GiDa (был).”

  • Vladislav Zhidkov

    Нет у меня способа выразить себя – не лгите. Есть возможность написать музыку и распространить ее в сети. Для того, что бы себя выразить – этого не достаточно! Я, как любой человек, должен есть и пить, что бы работать дальше. Для самореализации и усовершенствования в любимом деле – не обходим стабильный, понятный и реальный источник финансирования. В моей стране, без квалифицированной помощи, – это – ФАНТАСТИКА))) Понять Ваши требования, без специального образования или внушительных финансовых возможностей – не реально. Я рад и тому, что Вы, в принципе, обратили на меня внимание.

  • Darrell Heath

    Thanks I feel better now Merry Christmas!!!!