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In the past few months we’ve talked about some of the kinds of royalties TuneCore Music Publishing Administration collects. So now it’s time to get our hands dirty and show you how to started, and what we do with the information you provide…

How do I submit my compositions for TuneCore Music Publishing Administration?

If you’re submitting compositions distributed by TuneCore

If you release songs through TuneCore, you should send us the new titles to be registered by submitting the % you control through your TuneCore Composition Manager (click here to learn more about how that works in your account).

If you’re submitting compositions NOT distributed by TuneCore

If your composition is not distributed through TuneCore or it’s being sold on multiple releases, like through a label or as a cover song by another artist, you’ll just need to fill out this document and email it to us ( as an attachment, once you’ve signed up and paid for TuneCore Music Publishing Administration.

Remember, your songwriter share of the version of your song distributed through your TuneCore account needs to be submitted through your account. Only other versions of that song that are not distributed via TuneCore, should go on this document.

If you’re submitting multiple versions of your composition, please enter the same song title and different record label, artist, album title, release date, ISRC and album title accordingly.  We use this information if we need to issue mechanical licenses on your behalf.

Please, please, please only send us the completed doc as an attached CSV file (no PDF files!).  If you print it, fill it out, scan it and email it to us, we won’t be able to process it.

Note- If you’re submitting compositions distributed through another digital distributor, you should be able to find the “Song Identifier” (a.k.a. ISRC)in your account with that company.  Still can’t find it? Shoot an email to their customer service department to locate your song identifiers.

If your compositions have multiple songwriters

If you have multiple songwriters on your tracks, each individual songwriter must create his/her own TuneCore account and pay the one-time set up fee. This is because each writer must agree to the terms and conditions separately. We’ll post each songwriter’s royalty details and payments within his/her account.

After each additional writer account is created and sign up is complete, each co-writer needs to complete this form and email it us ( to let us know he or she has signed up with no songs in his/her account (since the songs are being distributed via a different TuneCore account).

As we mentioned before, please email us this form as a .CSV file.

How we use this information

Though it may seem like there’s a lot of information to fill out, it’s all really important.  Once we get that document from you with your composition information, we use the data to register your compositions electronically with the societies and digital stores Worldwide.  This means you will be able to receive all of the songwriter/publishing royalties you’re owed.

Just a reminder–we’ve put together a little chart to show what we do and how that compares to going about the process yourself (click on the chart to enlarge):

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 3.49.35 PM

The types of royalties we administer for you as a songwriter/publisher:

  • Mechanicals – Digital Downloads, Streaming Services and Physical Products (CD’s, Cassettes, Phonographs, 8 Tracks etc)
  • Public Performance – Interactive and Non Interactive Streaming Services, Radio, TV, Live Performance
  • Synchronization – TV, Film, Commercials
  • Print – Songbooks, Sheet Music Physical and Online (digital) versions
  • Ringtones
  • Ringtone Performance

Territories Currently Covered by TuneCore Music Publishing Administration:

U.S.A France Netherlands
Mexico Slovenia Japan
United Kingdom Macedonia Hong Kong
Ireland Luxembourg South Korea
Canada French Polynesia Malaysia
Australia New Caledonia Phillipines
New Zealand Andorra Singapore
Fiji Monaco Taiwan
Papua New Guinea Lebanon Thailand
Austria Djibouti Vietnam
Germany Chad Macau
Switzerland Gabon Indonesia
Belgium Gambia Slovakia
Denmark Spain Croatia
Sweden Portugal Serbia & Montenegro
Norway Italy Bosnia & Herzigovina
Finland Republic of San Marino Albania
Iceland Czech Republic Kosovo
Estonia Poland Bulgaria
Latvia Hungary And more to come…
Lithuania Romania

Now that we’ve filled you with knowledge about submitting your compositions, go write your next hit song and let us make sure you receive your songwriter/publisher royalties!

Jamie Purpora
President TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

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