2012 may have come and gone, but its memory lives on here on the TuneCore Blog. Take a look at our top 10 posts from 2012 for tips on getting your music featured, growing your fan base, and making your tour more successful…

Growing Your Fan Base

Email, Email, Email: If You Make Music You Have to Be Able to Tell People About It – Benji Rogers, Founder/CEO of PledgeMusic talks about why you need to get serious about the way you email.

50 Is the Magic Number – TuneCore Artist Ari Herstand provides practical ways to help you grow your fan base. Ever think about booking a high school tour? Learn why you should.

Amanda Palmer, Independent Musician – TuneCore Artist Amanda Palmer, an inspiration for many DIY performers, chose a life without a record label. In this interview, Amanda discusses her approach to social media, suggestions for building a fan base, thoughts on her Kickstarter campaign, and offers both advice and calls to action for pursuing the life you want.

Getting Featured

Get Your Music Used in Film, TV & Ads – Jay Sweet, one of the founders of  music supervision firm Sweet & Doggett, offers his thoughts on how you can get started with having your music used in film, TV, and ads, and what to do to increase the frequency of usages.

7 Tips for Getting Featured on iTunes – Lots of artists are interesting in having their albums featured in the iTunes store. Because all TuneCore releases can be considered for placement, we put together a few tips that will help you get your release looked at by iTunes.

6 Tips for Getting Radio Play – Hoping to hear your own music when you turn on the radio? Bruce Warren—Program Director for Philadelphia’s WXPN—offers some crucial tips for artists attempting to increase the amount of airplay they are getting.

Pay to Play  – George Howard presents a case study on “Payola,” the illegal practice of exchanging money for radio play of a song. What would you do as a new music executive, faced with the tough scenario described here?

On The Road

Practical Tips for Touring – Going on tour? We’ve got some ideas to help you prepare, save time and money while on the road, and enjoy yourself throughout the adventure.

Try to Bring People Together – This clip from our interview with bluegrass band The Infamous Stringdusters is all about how touring bands can create and interact with communities while on the road. Here’s one idea: try organizing a bike ride with fans while you’re in town.

Festivals Are the Launching Pads – Jay Sweet, producer of the legendary Newport Folk Festival talks about what you can do to increase your odds of being booked at a festival.

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