TuneCore Artists Live at SXSW – March 14th

March 14, 2013

Check out some great advice and comments from TuneCore Artists performing at SXSW today.  For more tips plus more info about where and when these artists are playing, click here.

Thursday, March 14th

bestfriendsBestfriends – “We enjoy the freedoms of being an independent artist, and you guys help us get our music out.”
coby_brownCoby Brown – “I’m going to play some music, see some friends, hear some great bands and have fun.”
erin_mckeownErin McKeown – “TuneCore is transparent, affordable, and incredibly easy-to-use. While I wait months to be paid by other distributors and labels, my TuneCore balance and accounting show up on time, every time. Selling my music through TuneCore is my most consistent and reliable source of income.”
jamal_roncarloJamal Roncarlo – “My first time at SXSW is for networking, and meeting people and DJ’s I’ve been doing business with over emails for the first time. Also to expose my talent as an independent artist and showcase what I have to offer my followers.”
the_fallsThe Falls – “This will be our first time at SXSW! SXSW presents a huge career development opportunity for The Falls to showcase their music in a new territory to industry representatives (including management, labels and booking agents) from the U.S. and the rest of the world. Attendance at the conference also presents us with an opportunity to learn more about the music industry, how people are tackling issues in this ever-changing industry and also learn more about touring in the USA and other territories.”
the_sightsThe Sights – “We’ve made a limited edition music sampler that we’ll be pressing the flesh with.”
the_stickiesThe Stickies – “Our band is going to different colleges and high schools in the Austin area, and playing acoustically for students with flyers they can take for our SXSW performance.  We’re also making several movie trailers to release to our fans, and potential fans, about the excitement of our SXSW show!  We are also the only band in Austin to make our own t-shirts, with spray paint, to wear for every show!”
yung_nationYung Nation – “For first time SXSWers, be sure to capitalize on the opportunity of each show played, network with anyone and everyone around you because you never know who you could be standing next to or walking past.”
We put together a Spotify playlist featuring all of the TuneCore Artists performing in Austin this week.  Take a listen!