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Check out some great advice and comments from TuneCore Artists performing at SXSW today. For more tips plus more info about where and when these artists are playing, click here.

Friday, March 15th

attomicaAttomica – “[TuneCore] is the best way to spread music around the world and it gives us a great support.”
cherubCherub – “TuneCore is easy to use and the customer support is awesome.”
david_ramirezDavid Ramirez – “My advice to other artists is to stay hydrated and seek out other new, undiscovered artists. Don’t stand in line for 5 hours trying to see Justin Timberlake…it ain’t gonna happen.”
DJ premierDJ Premier – “My advice to artists going to SXSW is to focus on business and making your brand grow into a huge success…But also have fun and have some type of promo items to bring awareness to your movement (thumb drives with your music or viral footage, CDs, shirts, etc.).”
ebyEby – “It’s an important opportunity to promote our music at an important festival.”
golden_bloomGolden Bloom – “We made retro action-figure trading cards to use in place of business cards.”
hes_my_brother_shes_my_sisterHe’s My Brother She’s My Sister“Have fun. Don’t set your expectations too high and check out other bands for inspiration.”
jhonny_presleyJhonny Presley – “Go there to have fun—go as an artist and also as a fan.”
leah_nobelLeah Nobel – “SXSW is a crazy time, and is often very overwhelming for people. My music changes the pace a little bit, and I hope to calm everyone down with my soothing melodies and delicious harmonies.”
mister_lovelessMister Loveless – “My advice would be to not have any expectations. Enjoy yourself as much as possible. Your shows will be better for it.”
o_conqueror-1O Conqueror – “We added in a horn section and are trying to do all the press we can.”
sarai_givatySarai Givaty – “Reach as many people and labels internationally as possible.”
sorneSORNE – “My goal is to connect with industry professionals, find a good label for my new record, and reach new fans.”
soul_khanSoul Khan – “TuneCore is the easiest & best solution for distributing our music to the public!”
suite_709Suite 709 – “We did a text campaign last year that got a huge response and allowed fans and industry to be in instant communication with the band. This year we’ll do similar poster campaigns, fliers, and all the baseline promo. Then probably something super top secret and over the top!”
the_boom_boomsThe Boom Booms – “[We’re] playing Guerrilla Style!”
the_lights_outThe Lights Out – “TuneCore is our way of making sure our bases are covered across the spectrum of online revenue-producing streams. It helps us maximize our earning potential.”
limousinesThe Limousines – “We’ve decided to blaze our own trail and TuneCore is a central component of our business as an independent band.”
the_revivalistsThe Revivalists – “TuneCore offers artists a 100% royalty rate on digital distribution across all platforms as well as detailed sales data—you can’t top that.”

We put together a Spotify playlist featuring all of the TuneCore Artists performing in Austin this week. Take a listen!

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