In the spirt of independent music, we put together two exclusive TuneCore Artist Compilations featuring artists that span all genres.

Both volumes of The Power of Independence are now available for free download on Amazon MP3 U.S.

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Below are the TuneCore Artists & tracks featured on the albums…

Volume 1:

CR Smith,  “This Way Home”

Bear Language,  “The Factory”

Jhonny Presley,  “Dancing (feat. Phoenix)”

JC Style,  “Come Home”

Frank Anthony,   “Live in My Bed (feat. Kendrick Lamar)”

CoR,  “So Cold (feat. Jayy Perry)”

Archie Bang,  “Rebirth (Of Ill)”

Komplete,  “Put It Down”

Radical Something,  “Step Right Up”

The Immortal Paperbag Boy,  “Azure Falling”

Fabrikante,  “Chanteoma”

Danilo Parra,  “Candela Viva”

Samurai Casino,  “Quien”

Diskotek, “Don`T Know Your Name”

Red Light Driver,  “The World Is Filled With Discos (Side A)”

OONA, “Kaleidoscope”

Celleste, “Superstar (By Myself)”

DJ Crazy Scott, “The Go Go Slide”

Javu n Jones,  “Yellow Beret (feat. Oghene Kologbo)”

Ediddysongs, “Miss Nigeria”

Billions and Billions, “Ghost View”

Sunny Sunshine, “Absence”

Gizmo, “Xenovex”

Ben Landis, “Breakthrough”

Jim and the Povolos, “Loved and Alive”

Conor Kearns, “Breaking Hearts By Breakfast”

Yesterday’s Remnants,  “Way She Walks (Da Dada)”

Emily Gold, “Running Back To You”

Nevada Color, “I Am An Animal”

Milwaukee Wildmen, “25 to life”

Black Hi-Lighter, “Chinese Gong”

Maximum Thrust, “Backyard”

Our Flaws Remain, “La Famiglia”

Chucky D, “Black Princess”

Yung Gukie, “Syrup in my system”

Irie J, “Frankenstein Seed”

Asha Sing,  “Mercy”

Kirby Maurier, “I’m Jus Sayin”

Campo, “Cumbio”

Patchworx, “A Casual Encounter”

Prozpekt, “How You Like Me Now”

Ready Demolition, “Climbing up Walls”

The High Fives, “Off Track”

SWF, “Black & Golden”

Phil Pendlebury, “The Mighty Fall”

The Playmore,  “Things”

Wolftacular,  “I Will Not Fall”

Brandon Kean,  “The Wrong Light”

Vrum,  “For Aino…”

Drop Forged, “L.H.C.”

Volume 2

Kids In The Street, “Everything About You”

RadioDriveBy, “Tied Up”

Hillside Hero, “Dreamkiller”

Jonny Rep, “Won’t You Agree”

Jargon of the Future, “Miracle”

Found At Sea, “Everyone Was Swimming”

Andersen Anderson, “I Don’t Know”

Sean Patrick, “Lead Me Home”

Josh Sawyer Band, “Country Life”

KC, “Kings & Castles”

Jessica Manning, “Goodbye”

Emily Shlesinger, “Me and You”

Trinetta, “Pack Your Bags (Club Mix)”

NSG, “Starlight (feat. Rayi & Dochi)”

Slate Stone, “Keep It 1thou (feat. Brisk & Gmo)”

Montez Cardwell,  “My Life”

B.C,  “Angel”

Dubzy, JakMan & Directs,  “Snazz 4 Life”

Emperor, “Paradise Is Right Here”

High-Atis, “Blow Yo Mind”

CRUZ, “I’m Lit”

Alcatraz, “Brostep (feat. Kawan Moore)”

Dj1, “Ohh Leila!”

Jose Mascaro, “The Thought of You”

Mindcleaner, “Hurricane (feat. Mel T)”

Tara Bianco, “Dance U Outta My Head”

Lars Bo, “Coming Home”

Anny Sky, “Max”

BourneZee,  “Last Man Standing (feat. Fester)”

The Y Axes, “Loop Machine”

The Soon-Another, “Autodidact”

June and the Well, “Your Magical Mirror”

The Future Exes, “She Got the Best of Me”

The Ending To This Story, “Oh Winter”

Warhouse, “Where Do We Go From Here”

Matt Moody, “Slash Across America”

Zen Rock Garden, “Soul Trigger”

Philos Moore, “Bound To Dream”

The Torpedoes, “Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry”

Spike Blake, “Sorrow Knows How to Swim”

Until April, “Lucy”

Ryan Crosby, “Do It To Yourself”

Greg Janssen, “Time Falls Apart”

Stuart Todd Whitworth, “One More Chance”

Underwater Tiger, “Scissorhands”

Wünderkind,  “Safe Without Me”

Ricky Ruiz & Jesse Chirino, “Perdidos”

Maria Ho, “Where or When”

pete smooth, “Soulful”

Michael Rywalt, “If I Could Fall”

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