If you’re a frequent listener of Sirius XM you’re likely familiar with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kelsi Luck.  Her new single “That’s What I Like” is getting weekly radio play, and the music video has over 100,000 YouTube views.  Clearly the title of the track is spot on—it’s exactly what her fans like.  We were able to speak with the emerging artist about how she was able to get radio play on Sirius, what kind of team an independent artist needs to find success, and how TuneCore fits in…

Without using “conventional” genre words, describe your sound.
My sound mixes 60’s throwback with a modern day edge. It is heavily guitar influenced but there are also electronic elements involved to liven it up under catchy toplines!

What kind of marketing/promotion did you do for the release of your single, “That’s What I Like?”
I am fortunate to have great friends from St. Louis (where I’m from), to LA where I am now based. We all tweeted about it, texted people and sent it to all our friends in the music world. I also had a lot of support from online music blogs that wrote articles about the video and single release which was also a great help! From there, Sirius XM radio heard about it and got in touch.

How were you able to start hosting and performing on Sirius XM Hits 1?
Mikey Piff, one of the DJ’s, got a hold of me after hearing the song and wanted to help out and spin it on air as the team loved it so much! I was then invited up to New York where I was able to meet everyone and host/perform. It was an amazing experience.

In what ways has your relationship with Sirius helped your career?
The relationship with Sirius has been really great. They’ve been nothing but supportive of me as an independent artist with my first release. They’ve been spinning it 50 times a week which really got my name out there and built up a fan base from the station’s listeners. That also increased my views on YouTube and single sales a ton!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmOKI_o50Eo]

What advice would you give to other independent artists looking for radio play?
My advice would be to try to get it to as many people as you can who might have connections to different DJs in some way–whether it’s college radio or something like Sirius who will both play music from independent artists.

What kind of team do you think an artist needs to be successful?
For an artist to be successful now it helps to have a smaller, dedicated team that is really adding to the project, rather than a huge group of people that pick up a bunch of artists and see what sticks.

Why is it important for you to be an independent artist?
Nowadays through social media and companies like TuneCore, you can do so much independently and creatively.  I get to release music easily,  when I think the timing is right.

What are your goals as an artist?
I would love to continue to reach as many people as I can with music and be able to tour and play what I’ve been creating and working on live, for new people every day. Eventually I would love to release a full album that I am 100% happy with.

How does TuneCore fit in to those goals?
TuneCore allows an artist like me to be able to directly sell my music through iTunes, lets me track my daily sales and pinpoint which different markets/areas are buying my single, so when the time comes to tour I know regions that might be more familiar with me and which I need to work on building a fan base in.

What can we look forward to next?
I am currently working on another single release and music video as well as planning to play more shows around the country.

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