Amazon MP3 & Spotify Trend Reports Now Available for TuneCore Artists

Last spring we introduced enhanced Daily iTunes Trend Reports.  As the name indicates, the new reports were updated daily (instead of weekly) and data could be viewed in dynamic graph form.  Well, we’re back with something even better.

Now, in addition to showing you your iTunes trend data in your TuneCore account, we’re giving you your trend reports from Amazon MP3 and Spotify.   Awesome, right?

This means you now have even more insight into how your music’s selling and streaming in digital stores, and you can turn that knowledge into better business decisions (at no extra cost!).

We’re proud to say that we’re the only music distributor to provide all artists with sales data from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify, accessed directly from their accounts through our web-based interface.

So let’s take a look at these new Daily Trend Reports…

A Look at What’s Changed

(Click on the image below to enlarge)


When you go to your Daily Trend Reports in your account (click Money & Reports at the top right), you’ll see that there are now two sections: Downloads on top, Streams on the bottom. The Downloads section will show you all of your trend data for iTunes and Amazon MP3, and you’ll find your Spotify info under Streams.

In both sections, you’ll see a visual representation of your available trend data, which lets you easily get a sense of your sales activity for the date range you choose.

To dig down a little further, you can sort downloads and streams in all three stores by Top Releases, Top Songs, and Top Countries, and for iTunes you can also see your sales by Top US Markets.  When you click to view a particular release or song, the bar graph will automatically change to reflect the associated downloads or streams.

No matter how you filter your trend data, you can download a .csv file to capture and save the information you need.

*Remember, this is TRENDING data, and not an actual sales report.  The money from your distribution sales and streams comes into your account two months after the sale occurred (you can see this in your Downloadable Sales Reports under the Money & Reports tab in your account).

So now that you have all this new sales information at your fingertips, how can you use it to advance your career?

We’ve got a few ideas…

5 Ways to Use Your Trend Data to Help Your Career

1. If you planned a major social media campaign for your brand new album, see how that paid off compared to sales following previous new release campaigns.  Learn what worked, and what didn’t.

2. Let this new sales data help you plan your upcoming tours.  If your iTunes numbers are showing you have a solid following in the New Haven – Milford, CT area, make sure your next US tour includes a show at one of the clubs nearby, or try for the college crowd at Yale.  Booking an international tour? Check out your trend data from iTunes, Amazon  MP3 and Spotify to identify which countries are really eating up your music.

3. Once your shows are booked, look to see which songs are selling best in the cities and countries you’re headed to, and design a setlist your audience is sure to love.

4. If radio play is what you’re after, use your impressive new release stats to approach radio programmers and DJs with confidence.  Now you’ve got hard data to show where your fans are located and how your music is being received.

5. More sales data means more visibility into how your career is progressing. Use the numbers to better manage your budget and identify where to exert the majority of your efforts.

Got more ideas about how you can use this new and enhanced trend data to better manage your career? Let us know in the comments.

Get started distributing your next release and use your enhanced Daily Trend Reports to help take your career to the next level.


  • Mono

    Why is the top of the daily trend report page
    always garbled and on my I phone 4s screen?

  • archie cameron ..traintrax.

    where is my daily trend reports

    • tunecore

      Hi there,

      Our support team can answer all your questions about trend reports in your account. Please shoot them an email here:


      • SHUTTYY

        what if one doesn’t want ones music on Spotify?

        • tunecore

          That’s no problem, you can choose which stores you want to distribute to, and you can opt out of Spotify!

          • SHUTTYY

            Cool. Thanks

    • Adamus

      yeah is ure download report showing slaes and graph saying ‘no trend data’ aswell?

  • Adamus

    Why is it my songs say they are selling but the ‘graph’ is not showing anything???? Anyone? Not even customer service can answer my Q 😐 …

  • Hey guys, can you guys have a tech check in on my sales, I noticed streams and sales that are not accounted for. My album is entitled Unfinished Business by King Fresh.
    Sincerely, Shelvin Francis CEO Of Proper Swag E.N.T

    • tunecore

      Hi Shelvin,

      We can definitely look into this for you. Can you shoot us an email with all of the release info as well as your concerns? Just write us here:



      Awesome Album 🙂

  • check me out

  • Andrey

    Hi, everybody! ) May I change an expiration date of reports? Now costs on August 26. But I want to prolong until the end of September.

  • Christian

    do you earn any money pr stream on spotify?

    • Matias

      yes, check your balance history and find sales posted from spotify. if you want to figure out how much you get per stream divide the amount by the number of streams, it will show if you click the post

  • kidz

    im starting to think that tune core is just another greedy record label . ass fucking artist and musicians. just like universal, emi, spotify, everybody

    • Matias

      errrr what.. lol

    • Matias

      tunecore couldn’t be more fair. and its not really a record label, you pay a yearly fee and keep 100% of your revenue. what else do you want? if you wanna share percentage instead of paying fees then you should go to a record label

  • Ajo Music

    By my radio popscore and amount of fans I am building,, it would seem my single is doing good, but the daily updates ( which I am still to receive from 21st Feb. show the opposite ) So some one at Tunecore please explain to me and others why this is so. Why are some of us being led to believe our music is doing reasonably well, when yet the truth is, it is not ?

  • joeydeuce

    The Spotify data is from 2/22… 10 days ago. Is this usual? What is the schedule here- I see no updates or info on this.

    • dax

      Any information on this….I’ve been wondering the same thing? I was going to call tune core and inquire, but I can’t seem to find any direct phone number?

      • dez

        Any info on what was going on with this? My spotify hasn’t updated for 12 days now and Im starting to wonder what’s going on.

        • tunecore

          Hey Dez —

          Thanks for hitting us up! Currently, Spotify’s trend data is a bit delayed coming in. The issue exists on their end and they’re working to get it resolved. Thanks for your patience with this!

          • Dez

            Oh ok. Thanks for the reply.

  • Is there any way to set the price on albums on Amazon – I would only want to sell the full album for £7.99

  • Leon Zoe Show

    I started selling my song back in Nov 2014 yet its just showing sells from Jan 2015. what happened to my other sells. mainly from

  • is the song not actually sold until its been streamed or downloaded ?

  • Renato Arena

    Tunecore has done a great job releasing my new single ” Creep Cover ” by Radio head and its out there doing fine. Everything takes time and a lot of effort by contacting all of your FB, Twitter and Etc..Good Luck !!

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  • !!!GANGSTAZ ONLY!!! If u want to bring East Coast NJ Slum Gangsta Shit back to the forefront, Spread this link around like a chain letter… P.S. This lp is the best thang smokin’ … OUT ….


  • !!!GANGSTAZ ONLY!!! If u want to bring East Coast NJ Slum Gangsta Shit back to the forefront, Spread this link around like a chain letter … P.S. This lp is the best thang smokin’ since The Chronic … OUT ….

  • Hey guys please check out my song sales.. Just noticed streams and sales that were not accounted for. My single is titled ‘Star In The Sky’ and my album titled ‘Ambition’ by Wumi Spell.
    I Wumi Spell am the C.E.O of SBMG.

    • tunecore

      Hi Wumi – please keep in mind that generally, our store partners provide a full month’s report of sales to TuneCore on a 2-month delay. So for example, if your sales were from May, you’ll see them in July. But if you’re having issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team:

      • Hi, my current album distribution on my artist album, it got on alot of digital distribution stores via tunecore. Amazone, Spotify, Spinlet, iTunes, and a lot more…. Recently it got on Q-Sic. I have had times were a couple of fans and friends write me that they bought the complete album which is selling for $15.99, my point is, were are all the royalty for those sales if i really get 100 percent of. My sales, when I checked my balance lately it wasn’t more than $23 and some fractions since April. I made this complain about 4 months ago here. I need accurate sales update on my account please. I am sure the album has sold more than what is being recorded, it’s not encouraging and u need it rectified. : Wumi Spell ‘Album: Ambition. Released since early April 2015.

        • tunecore

          Hi Wumi Spell,

          Thanks for hitting us up and bringing it to our attention. We’ve let a member of Artist Support know about your issue and they’ll be contacting you today via email (the email account associated with your TuneCore profile). Please keep an eye out!

  • It appears to be that no single payment has been accredited to my tune-core account of which i have made some sales.. Impossible for my balance to be $0.00 after date of release.. please look it up.


    Listen to “Live It Up” By MALLY on Spotify

  • Georgia

    So I have made many sales in Amazon but they are no where to be found on tune core. I’ve waited the 2 months, I’ve contacted customer support and they tell me that no sales must of been made… I know they have because my friends and family have showed me the item ( I also purchased my own song via Amazon and guess what.. No record of it anywhere) somebody is getting my sales revenue somewhere!

  • Sean Jay

    how long does it takes for me to get royalties

  • Sean Jay

    how wiill i know when my song finish mastering

  • D Heywood

    Check me out
    Good luck to everyone

  • D Heywood

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  • chunkie d

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  • Don White

    This Tv Show Gone in a minute season 1 Soundtrack has 321 sales almost 4,000 Streams thats good Money its only been a week Fatus Fee ,Young Pappy and Famous Dex are very hot Chicago artist which Young pappy was alive Sony Music would have sign him we wanna sign Fatus Fee but he wants Label deal and Famous Dex is about to sign to Def Jam

  • Martin Slade

    Hi Tunecore i can only get my data from Itunes and Spotify at this current time how long does it usually take to get data from Amazon because thats where ive sold my song the most lol thanks.

    • tunecore

      Hey Martin –

      While iTunes and Spotify provide more frequent reporting, most stores operate on a 2-month delay when it comes to posting sales/streams. If you just added your music to these stores recently, you should see this data soon. In general, TuneCore reports as soon as the stores report.

      Head over here for some more info:

  • Mark

    How do you check what cities have been listening on spotify? I only see countries

  • Martin Slade

    Hi there guys its been a month i can see how much ive sold on itunes and how many streams ive had on spotify but it still wont show me any sales on amazon how long till you get any data from amazon will that take 2 months? i know ive had sales on amazon as that’s where most my sales have been

  • Greg Johnson

    For the past three weeks I have been unable to download the trend reports. A box comes up saying “unavailable due to maintenance”. When will the downloads be available again?

    • tunecore

      Hi Greg –

      We were experiencing some tech issues with trend reports, but they should be working again now. If you’re still having an issue, please reach out to Artist Support so we can log it with our Tech team. Additionally, the reports are not optimized for mobile devices, so if you’ve been trying to use one, please try using a laptop or desktop computer.

      Here’s where you can get in touch with Artist Support:

  • Big Tim MGMT

    Is there no way to see daily sales for Google Play? So none of my sales are from Google Play that I can see on the daily trend reports? All of the sales that ARE showing…are only iTunes?

    • tunecore

      Hey there – daily Trend Reports are only available for Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes.

  • T Max Living Ronnied

    how / where do i check my itune Apple music streams ?

  • CMillz The Mos High

    I am looking for better ways to increase my followers on spotify does anybody have any tips?

  • 19th & Grand

    Hi tunecore. When I look at my trend reports, all that shows are the releases sold, songs sold, and the graph at the top. Nothing shows under the top songs, top releases, top countries, top markets tabs. Can you advise please.

  • Davide Loriga

    Hello, Tunescore, where is my last daily trends Report, last time was 14.07.2017 , i wait 8 days for new daily Trend Report, i make worldwide Promotion, it is not possible after the Date 14.07.2017 the People arround the World , i do not listen my Music or Music Album on Spotify, because after the Date 14.07.2017 , i had promotion statistics, with new 10000 Fans, and I promotet worldwide Banner with my new Music Album and Link to Spotify Stream, please , Tunescore control your own mistakes, I can not have done any mistakes, I make very good worldwide promotion, Thank you.

  • Tim Deacon

    I Do Not About My Royalties I Starting Selling My Music In February 2017 I Do Not

  • Mike Stakkz

    Check out the new single

  • Andy

    Is there still a problem with going live on amazon?

  • Aaron Clayton

    I am very happy with tunecore right now they are working very hard to get these royalties out. I just want to thank them for letting me be a part of their organization as Clayton Industries is the name of my company. Once again thanks for the royalty letter and love yall much.

    • tunecore

      Thanks for the kind words, Aaron! Glad to have you as a member of our TuneCore Artist community 🙂

  • George Molden
  • B.Ware

    My daily trend page stops offering reports after August 25.