If you’re a fan of The Voice like we are, you probably already know Jacob Poole.  As a member of Team Xtina, he wowed us with his blind audition performance of “Marry Me,” and then we saw him kill it in the battle rounds. Though we were sad to see him go, we can’t wait to see what happens next.  Luckily we don’t have to wait long–his new single “Come Alive” hits stores later this month.  Jacob took a little time to share with us why he works with TuneCore and how success starts with setting small goals…

I am TuneCore because…

I grew up always creating my own path in life, and this spilled over into my music career as well.  Finally understanding the artist I was created to be, I began viewing myself in that light and pursuing everything that would make that dream a reality.  From the beginning, I always knew my music was created for more than just the local community, so I began to expand and discovered TuneCore.  Since releasing my first EP back in 2011, I’ve  released albums, singles, Christmas singles, and am now looking to release our 1st single “Come Alive,” from the brand new album coming out Spring 2014.

With my most recent success on NBC’s The Voice Season 5, my fan base has exploded worldwide. Fans from Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and more have reached out to show their support, and it’s so good to know that with all of this support I can always count on TuneCore to keep me in touch with my fans through my music.


Here’s a tip…

The one tip I would give anyone who is just starting out or has even been working at it for a while is this: set small goals for yourself to take you to the big goals you desire. If I’ve learned anything about being an independent artist, it’s that anything valuable takes time. Be laser-focused on what it is that you want and avidly pursue your passions. Everyone in the music industry seems to want a piece of the pie, so the only way you stay ahead of the pack is to be original, innovative and persistent.


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