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In case you haven’t heard, we’re headed to Texas next week to hang with the TuneCore Artists taking over Austin.

On Saturday (March 15) we’ll be at Cheer Up Charlie’s with our friends at The Wild Honey Pie, partnering with them for their all-day showcase, The Beehive.  14 bands are taking the stage, 11 of them TuneCore Artists, and we hope you’ll come by to enjoy the music with us (and also to say hello!). It’s free to get in (can you really say no to that? really?), you just need to RSVP.  So here, do it, RSVP.

The show has a solid lineup, featuring TuneCore Artists Miniature Tigers, How Sad, Yellerkin, The Eastern Sea, Monogold, High Highs, Boy & Bear, Gossling, Oberhofer, Small Black, and Pure Bathing Culture.

Get excited for the show by checking out indie artist tips from one of the bands performing…

how sad divan

Photo by: Priscilla Guilbeault

Band Name: How Sad

What they’re all about:
What started as the name attached to bedroom recordings has become a synth pop band known for putting on a killer live show.  After building a reputation in their hometown of Montreal, they took off to tour Canada and the U.S.   Make sure to check out their debut EP Indian Summer that hit digital stores in August.  And go to one or all of their shows in Austin (obviously).

Their plan for getting the most out of SXSW:
Well we’re unsigned right now so of course I’d love to meet some nifty record label folks, but given the nature of the festival and the 3 million other bands playing, we just hope to have fun and put on the best shows we can.

Their top 3 tips for independent artists:
1. Play as much as possible but never too much in your hometown, change it up, always try to have your personal best show regardless of where or who you’re playing to.

2. Be nice to people, make friends. It’s hard for everyone at the beginning (or any stage really) of their careers so you gotta look out for one another. This goes for other bands, audio technicians, venues, promoters, etc. No one is “the enemy,” if you don’t like someone move on, but life’s too short to get upset if things don’t turn out exactly as you hoped (and they so rarely do).

3. Never stop trying to write the best song you’ve ever written. Not everything you work on will be great, but keep working regardless.

How TuneCore’s part of their team:
We self-released our first album and there’s no way we could have gotten it into every single online store and kept up with sales reports if it wasn’t for TuneCore. I love how TuneCore keeps it simple and you can get full reports of every single store broken down. I’m not much for bookkeeping, so this is incredible for me.

When/Where to see them in Austin: 

Wednesday, March 12th – 3:15 PM – Banners at the Side Bar

Wednesday, March 12th – 8PM – Bond Music Showcase at the Majestic

Friday, March 14th – 3PM – The Wild Honey Pie Unofficial Party at the Side Bar

Friday, March 14th – 7:20 PM – Channel3 at the Aquarium

Saturday, March 15th – 2:30PM – The Beehive at Cheer Up Charlie’s

(more info here.)

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