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Over the past few days we’ve been getting into the SXSW spirit by chatting with some of the TuneCore bands headed to Austin.  Up today is The Eastern Sea, another one of the bands playing at The Beehive (that’s the event where we’ve teamed up with The Wild Honey Pie).  Check out how they plan to get the most out of SXSW and why it’s important to hold on to your individuality.

Band Name: The Eastern Sea

What they’re all about:
For ‘folk and roll’ band The Eastern Sea, playing in Austin is playing at home.  In 2005, songwriter/vocalist Matthew Hines released a self-produced anthology of work, and since then, the Eastern Sea has evolved, attracting national press.  Their latest album, Plague, represents the band’s evolution, weaving through post-rock, traditional American folk, and indie-rock sounds.

Their plan for getting the most out of SXSW:
The plan I’ve begun to subscribe to is simple: be honest about who you are, don’t try to attract unnecessary attention through cheap means, stay positive, and make as many friends as you can.

We’ve had years with over a dozen shows during SXSW, and this is one of those years where we have chosen to relax, focus on what needs to happen, and play 5 unbelievable shows in an earnest attempt to wake up folks who’d rather just play Farm Heroes Saga on their phones for your entire 35 minute set.

Their top 3 tips for independent artists:
1. Choose to be humble because chances are you will get humbled sooner or later by the business, and you might as well be the bigger person. It’s important to understand that where you are now isn’t where you might be in 6 months, for better or worse, and you have to be ready.

2: Always show up. Literally that means making sure you meet your commitments, and figuratively it means being present when an opportunity presents itself. And when it comes to selling music online, it means having your material where people are looking for it.

3: Don’t cave in to the pressure of being more like other people. Your individuality will have more impact on your longevity than your initial success, so be patient. If someone passes on you now, they might come to regret it.

How TuneCore’s part of their team:
TuneCore is our outlet to a whole wealth of connections with fans. We’ve been putting our music in digital marketplaces through TuneCore since we released our first album, and we wouldn’t have half of the success we do on the road if people all over the country weren’t so easily able to buy our music online.

TuneCore has also helped us a ton with our timed releases and quickly worked with us on any issues, which is rare for online distributors.

When/Where to see them in Austin: 

Monday, March 10  – 4PM – Kickoff Party  at Spiderhouse Ballroom

Wednesday, March 12 – 4:30 PM – Attendance Records Party at Up Collective

Thursday, March 13 – 1 PM – PBR & Project Loop Party at Easy Tiger

Saturday, March 15 – 1 PM – The Beehive at Cheer Up Charlie’s

Saturday, March 15  – 12 AM – Official SXSW Showcase at Lambert


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