The Great SXSW 2014 Recap!

March 20, 2014

If you’ve been following our blog (or Facebook or Twitter) over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed a trend: we’ve been talking about SXSW a whole lot. Well, now it’s over. But we’ll still talk about it, just a little bit longer, promise.

TuneCore Artists were everywhere in Austin, which makes sense, considering 1/3 of the performers have distributed music with TuneCore.   Here are some of the highlights from the week of music…

Over in the Music Lounge, Louie Bello was getting some attention performing, representing new music app DropKloud.  (He’s rocking the new TuneCore shirt!)


Back on the street we found Quiet Company—they certainly weren’t lying when they said they do a ton of street promotion and we’d see their name all over town…


We headed over to the Quantum Collective party for a few reasons: It was on the roof of Whole Foods’ flagship store (great outdoor venue!), there was a solid lineup of TuneCore Artists playing, and there were sure to be lots of great lunch options.

The crowd really got moving when Leftover Cuties took the stage.  It’s pretty hard not to get into a band rocking out with a ukulele, accordion, some brass, and a whole bunch of other instruments.


OK SWEETHEART took the stage next, giving the crowd a reason to keep dancing…


Back on 6th Street, Nashville-based band Vinyl Thief played an incredible set at the Blind Pig Pub.  We got to chat with lead vocalist Grayson Proctor who had this tip for independent artists: spend time getting your music to be the best you can, before you put it out. (Noted!)


Over at the Guitar Center Sessions, even more TuneCore Artists showed off their chops, like Night Terrors of 1927


And then we hung out with some of the guys from Diamond Youth after their impressive set.


On Saturday we partnered with The Wild Honey Pie to put on ‘The Beehive,’ an all-day showcase at Cheer Up Charlie’s, with a 14 band lineup (11 of them have distributed music with TuneCore, rad).  We met a lot of interesting artists and music fans while giving away t-shirts and buttons and enjoying some incredible music… (apologies in advance for the blurriness below.  Rocking out to music = shaky arms.)

Yellerkin played a great set and picked up new fans—heard lots of concertgoers talking about how they’ll be following Yellerkin from now on.


How Sad brought the house down on the inside stage under the glow of the chili pepper lights.


Back outside, Pure Bathing Culture was awesome, and we got a chance to talk to Sarah Versprille after the show.  (Here she is with a TuneCore button!)


Boy & Bear impressed as always. (Starting to think musicians all sound even better surrounded by bee-themed decorations.)


We headed south from Cheer Up Charlie’s to catch Heffron Drive’s showcase at the Hilton where we got to hear their new single “Parallel”—the pre-order’s on iTunes!


So clearly we saw a lot of music. But did we come away learning things? You bet. Here are 3 our major takeaways:

1. If you’re playing a showcase with a lot of other bands, make sure you let the audience know who you are. Too many awesome bands didn’t introduce themselves or have any signage onstage.  If people are digging your music, they want to remember who you are so they can buy your music after the show!

2. Stick around after you play. Your fans want to tell you how great you were. Let them!

3. Have a phone charger with you at all times in case there’s an opportunity to use it.

Phew! SXSW was exhausting, like this recap. Now we’ll go recover until next year…


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