Lately we’ve been all about adding new stores for our artists.  Why?  New stores means more people listening to your music.  And that means more money in your pocket.  Not such a bad deal, right?

So here’s our new store, it’s a big one.

Introducing…KKBOX! (please pretend you didn’t read the title of this post or see the massive logo above so as to preserve dramatic effect.)

Here’s why you should send your music there:

  • KKBOX is the largest provider of digital music subscription services in Asia.
  • Distributing to KKBOX means you have the opportunity to reach their 200 million (and growing) subscribers.
  • KKBOX is available in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
  • It takes only 48-72 hours for most releases to go live in the store after distribution.

Convinced?  Distribute your music to KKBOX now and start growing your fan base in the Asian market.

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