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Great news!  We just added a new store for distribution, the second new store this month.  This one’s called Spinlet, and it happens to be the leading digital music service in Africa.

The African music market just keeps on growing.  In fact, Africa’s one of the fastest growing mobile device markets in the world, and TuneCore Artists are seeing significant revenue growth in this region, with over $230,000 earned.

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Your Music to Spinlet:

1. Be part of Africa’s growing music market. According to the IFPI Digital Music Report 2014, Africa is a music market on the verge of exploding.

2. Get connected with fans on the hunt for new music. Spinlet has 850,000+ subscribers, and they’re looking for music from artists like you.

3. Spinlet is all about promoting artists.  They promote their catalog worldwide and feature new music that can easily be shared on social channels.

Sound good? Send your releases to Spinlet today.

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