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Social Club is one group we can’t seem to get enough of lately.  The Christian hip hop duo from Miami released their latest album, Misfits 2, earlier this year, and  they’re currently on the road spreading their music around the country.  We got a chance to catch up with Marty and Fern to find out how their sound has evolved, what they’re doing to maximize their tour, and why they’ve never recorded a track while being in the same room…

How did Social Club start? 

Social Club started in 2012 when we (Marty and Fern) ran into each other at a local radio station.  Before we knew it we were making music together, and in a week we did over 20 songs.  From there we chose the name Social Club, and our goal was simple: make real music for real people going through real things.

What are some challenges you faced early on in your musical career? 

Where to record.   It’s hard when you have two different schedules and you want to come together to work on music.  So, what we did was invest in creating our own home studios. To this day we have never recorded a Social Club song together in the same room—kinda weird, but it works for us.

How has your sound evolved from your first EP, Misfits, to your latest album, Misfits 2?

When we put out the first Misfits, we were in the process of finding our identity.  By our fifth project, Misfits 2,  we knew who we were and where we wanted to go.  Theres something liberating about knowing who you are  and it changes the way you make music.

As a Christian hip hop group, have you seen any recent trends and/or growth within the genre?

Absolutely.  For us,  the fact that we can sell out a venue or outsell other artists on larger platforms during the first week is incredible.  The genre has gone from “Christian rappers are people who can’t make it in the industry” to “rappers who are Christian and make great music.”

You’re currently on the road for the summer, how have you been getting the most out of your tour?

Merch! Merch! Merch!  Make sure you have products to sell.  Without them you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to grow your fan base and business.  Another thing that we just started doing is holding meet and greets—working with promoters to connect and hang with our fans before the show.  Imagine if you got to meet your favorite artist before a show, and they gave you a hug.  It’s all about the people.  The goal for us is to not have a concert, but to create a memory.  If all you do is sing on stage and leave right after the show, you won’t be on tour for very long.

How do you plan to keep momentum going after this tour ends? 

More music, more videos, more fun.  Artists who sleep don’t have jobs.  You have to constantly prepare for the future and think 10 steps ahead.  Always have something to talk about.  The music is really a small part of the business.  I would say social media is just as valuable as making music.  Independent artists who don’t use social media are dead fish.  People are talking, make sure you come up in the conversation.

How has TuneCore been a part of your team?

TuneCore has been incredibly valuable to our success. We are a completely independent operation, and we literally have the opportunity to reach the world through TuneCore.  TuneCore is a game changer—you no longer need a label to release music.  You have a better opportunity to reach your fans directly.  Also, we set up a pre-order which was EXTREMELY easy and honestly helped us sell more records.

What advice would you give to an indie artist who is just getting starting with his/her career? 

Be humble and work hard, if you want it enough you can have it.  The music industry has changed, it’s not the same as it was five years ago.  It’s the Wild West—anyone can make music and release it, because you don’t need a huge budget and a studio.  My question for an up-and-coming artist is: what makes you different from everyone else? Most of the time the answer is being yourself.  You were made an original, don’t die a copy.

What can fans look forward to next from Social Club?

The Misfits can look forward to more music, more videos, and more fun.  We love you.

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