Download Sounds of Summer: A TuneCore Artist Compilation

September 18, 2014

Summer is coming to an end but we’ve put together two exclusive TuneCore Artist Compilations  to  keep the spirit of the season alive throughout the year. These compilations feature artists that span all genres.

TuneCore promotional compilations consistently chart on Amazon with thousands of downloads giving  a promotional push for participating artists.

Both volumes of Sounds of Summer are now available for free  Amazon Music U.S. Support TuneCore Artists by downloading and reviewing the compilations on Amazon!

Look for our announcement for the next TuneCore Artist compilation sometime this fall.  Get your music ready!

Volume 1

Jay Stubbs, “Young Souls (feat. K. Flye)”

Barefoot Surfers, “Summer Sun”

Luke James Shaffer, “Feeling Good”

Davis Harper & Nick McElmurry, “Envy”

Sheera, “In My Heart”

Ally James, ” LA’s Better With You”

Che-Val, “My Beat”

Gabe Lopez, “Cuz U Like Boys”

Luke McMaster, “NYC (Tom Colontonio Extended) [feat. Bek Phillips]”

Tim Note, “Sun (feat. Natalie Major)”

Mdpc, “Summer Lovin’ (Trap Version)”

Stella Rhymes, “Feel Alive”

Jack Be Nimble, “Drama King”

These Young Fools, “Follow the Leader”

Bobgoblin, “Play”

Hum & Hiss, “What Did You Put in That Kiss”

The Mint, “Heart Feels Heavy”

Brendan Foery, “Everything I need”

The Gyro, “Got It All”

C Scharp, “Thoughts About Her”

Sulay Keith, “Badeya”

Looce, “In Love With You (feat. Zeek)”

Rivvrs, “I Will Follow You”

Alannah McCready, “Back of a Taxi”

Chad Mackey, “Life Is Good”

IvoCro, “One Way Ticket (feat. A.Bouton, M.Vasquez & B. Diaz)”

iamDavidVO, “Let’s Go”

Irie Mo, “Dive In”

DJ Mambo, “Revenge”

Bethea, “Dance Anthem (Zabadap)”

Volume 2

Fein, “#Grownupz”

Toddsplanet, “Good Love”

Andromeda Sun, “Come Together”

Shiselon, “TurnUpoloy”

Young Ekul, “Standin Ovation (feat. 28)”

Allie Jawz, “California Dippin”

RichRel, “So Young So Dumb”

Moses Gunn Collective, “Shalala”

Strange Girl, “Embark, Disembark, Move On”

Hollis Brown, “Wait for Me Virginia”

Keko Yoma, “Calor”

Adeh, “Iwo Ni Moni”

Unique De’vine, “Numbers Game (feat. MJ Roads)”

Andrew Mark Schaffer, “Serenity Now…”

The Micks, “Time to Grow”

Tyra Thompson, “One Hot Mess”

Lia, “Summer Nites”

Mathias Thomson, “Summer of Love”

1989tre & Fastlane, “That’s My Jam”

Stefan Tosovic, “Summer Lovin'”

Jordan Beckett, “Story Tonight (feat. Scarlett Beckett)”

Forster Anderson, “Maggie T”

Tom Eaton, “On the Road”

Matt Telfer, “Too Hot for Rattlesnakes”

Janet Ryan, “Nothing Left to Lose but the Blues”

Javier Jimenez, “Te Odio”

Zach Terry, “Already Gone”

Andrew Juliot, “Golden Age”

Sky Limit, “Exaltation”

Redee, “Radical Trip”

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