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Publishing administration deals with Basement Brazil Editoria Musical and D-Version Music Publishing get songwriters paid when compositions are performed, downloaded, streamed and sold in high-growth regions.

New York, NYOctober 30, 2014 – With increasing revenue opportunity of digital music distribution in international markets, TuneCore Music Publishing Administration today announced two new sub-publishing agreements that bring revenue-collection opportunities in Brazil and Greece. The deals with independent publishers Basement Brazil Editoria Musical, Ltda. and D-Version Music Publishing, Ltd. will enable songwriters who use TuneCore Music Publishing Administration to receive royalty payments when their compositions are performed, downloaded, streamed and sold.

The agreements with Basement and D-Version give TuneCore the ability to register songwriters’ compositions with the local societies responsible for local royalty collection. Once a composition is registered, the royalties collected by the society on behalf of the songwriter will be collected and redistributed by TuneCore. Without a publishing administrator, these earned royalties would be virtually impossible for independent songwriters to collect from the local society.

International markets are growing revenue drivers for independent artists, and Brazil and Greece both hold particularly high growth potential. Brazil continues to be a fast-growing music market, as indicated by TuneCore Artist revenues increasing 147% in 2013 vs. 2012.

“As two fiercely-independent companies dedicated to supporting independent artists and songwriters, TuneCore and Basement are a natural fit,” stated John Telfer, Co-Owner, Basement. “We are honored to have been chosen by TuneCore to be their sub-publisher in Brazil and to play an important role in their ongoing mission to help get music out and monetized around the world.”

Greece, which is newly experiencing the digital music revolution, is also poised for marked gains. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), digital music revenues in Greece were 28% of the country’s total music revenues in 2013 and are projected to grow at a rate outpacing that in the US.

“All of us at D-Version are very excited to work with a game-changing company like TuneCore,” commented Denise Andrikopoulou, Owner of D-Version. “As the world of music publishing in the digital distribution era continues its evolution, it’s partnerships like ours that will ensure songwriters from around the world are able to get their hands on their hard-earned royalties.”

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