A3C 'Beats & Rhymes' Compilation – Signif "Rebel (Produced by M16)"

November 6, 2014

As official Music Distribution and Publishing Administration Sponsor of A3C Festival 2014, we knew we had to make the most of our time at the 5-day hip hop event in Atlanta. With almost 50% of the 500+ artists who performed this year having distributed through TuneCore, it made perfect sense to distribute an exclusive A3C compilation to highlight some up-and-comers.

A3C ‘Beats & Rhymes’ Presented by TuneCore is the final product of our TuneCore Studio experience at the SAE Institute, during which 8 TuneCore artists were hand-selected to work and complete tracks with 8 accomplished producers. The compilation was was recorded entirely at SAE Institue during the 2014 #A3CProAudio portion of the festival and was mixed by Art RoebuckA3C ‘Beats & Rhymes’ will be distributed by TuneCore in it’s entirety and released on November 11, 2014 – it will be available on Amazon Music for free download.

A3C_Comp Cover

…but of course you know we couldn’t wait until next week to give you a preview! During the #A3CProAudio experience, TuneCore artist Signif linked up with producer M16 to record the hard-hitting yet soulful Rebel. We talked both artists about the experience and the track below. Stream the track here.

How long did it take for you two to ‘click’ and take this into a certain direction?
Signif: It didn’t take long for us to click. There was a little technical issue of getting M16’s drive to work at first, but after that it was all good.
M16: As soon as she heard the track it didn’t take long at all for her to do her thing.

As a producer, what kind of hip hop and other musical influences did you conjure up when creating this beat?
I’ve always been a fan of that hip hop, boom-bap underground type of sound. Being from Alabama, we had no sound so I always did my homework on the greats back when it started.

Lyrically, where are you coming from on this track? What did M16’s music bring out in you?
Signif: I came up with the chorus first and from there just followed suit. Lyrically it’s rebel music, I talk about standing on my own two and doing it my way without pressure to follow the trends, but at the same time the music can resonate with anyone.  M16 has a nice selection of tracks so it was hard to choose just one. The track I did go with was a bit gritty so that’s the direction we went in.

As independent artist, what does the opportunity to jump into the studio for some free recording time while at a festival mean to you?
Signif: It means everything to me, so when I do get the opportunity to work in-house I jump on it. I never had the privilege of sitting in a studio and writing songs/ideas for free while working on my own music.

signifm16 copy
M16 & Signif in TuneCore Studio

In what major ways do you feel TuneCore simplifies distribution for producers who are looking to stick to releasing independently with varying artists?
M16: It just doesn’t give you that pressure. You actually have the time to perfect your craft and release it whenever you think it’s perfect – on your own time.

What can you two advise producers and emcees when working together in this fashion?
Bring your A-game to the session. Know as much as you can about the artist and keep positive energy.
Signif: Just go in with an open mind. I’m always down to mix my style up with other artists to see what comes out. If the process is organic and natural, it will make for a great session and you’re not boxing yourself in to one type of style or sound.

How would you sum up the energy and overall experience inside TuneCore Studio at A3C this year?
Signif: The energy in the studio was good; chill vibes, people stopped by on both of our ends to say what’s up and show support.
M16: I think the whole idea is amazing – to have all this dope talent randomly selected. It will bring a whole new, broader sound that can only get better every time another project drops.
Signif: It was fun, I was glad to be a part of the TuneCore Studio session at A3C. I had a great time.

Where do you see TuneCore on the map of an artist’s musical journey in 2014 and beyond?
I see it being on top because artists have started to take control of their own situations now. TuneCore has the perfect outlet.
Signif: TuneCore is definitely essential to an artist’s musical journey. With the way people are receiving and discovering music nowadays, something as simple as streaming your music is a must if you’re trying to connect with people all over the world.

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