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[Editors Note: This article is from TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman.]

Our artists’ success is our success. And judging by our artists’ increasing ability to get their music heard worldwide, make new fans and more revenue too, 2014 has been a great year for all of us.

Some Highlights From 2014

Congratulations to TuneCore Artists on a successful year!

  • Artists reached more fans than ever before by sharing their music on our many new store partners, including YouTube Music Key and KKBox.
  • 30% of the artists performing at SXSW, 40% at CMJ and almost 50% at A3C were part of the TuneCore community.
  • TuneCore Artists were regularly featured by store partners, including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify.
  • At A3C, America’s “preeminent hip-hop festival,” TuneCore artists and top producers, paired up by TuneCore, used free studio time to create new tracks during the #TuneCoreStudio Recording Sessions.
  • TuneCore artist Jeff Bernat’s song “Dream Team” was featured on the Birdman movie soundtrack after TuneCore Publishing Administration pitched his music to the movie’s music supervisors.
  • Jay Rock, via TuneCore, released the single “Pay For It (feat. Kendrick Lamar),” and performed it on Saturday Night Live.
  • Country singer Sonia Leigh, rock band The Kickback and soulful pop singer Laura Reed stopped by TuneCore’s Brooklyn office for impromptu performances.
  • TuneCore artists found new ways to produce great music, share songs, engage fans and make money through the new TuneCore Artist Services program.
  • TuneCore Artists reached a milestone. They have earned $471.5 million in revenue from 10.6 billion downloads and streams since 2006 (and that doesn’t even include activity in 4th quarter of 2014!)

Some Great Expectations for 2015

It will be an even better year for TuneCore Artists.

  • There will be even more opportunities for artists to reach new fans with the addition of new music stores.
  • Partnerships, with companies like YouTube, will help artists make more money from the music they create.
  • Artist Services will get bigger and better, with an exciting, cool new app coming in 2015 that will connect you with fans on a whole new level.
  • TuneCore has plans in the works for concerts, gigs and events that will showcase TuneCore Artists’ talents.

This year, the TuneCore community continued to grow and support each other. We’ve shared creative tips, touring advice, revenue-raising suggestions, career-building recommendations and, of course, great new music.

We celebrate your achievements! Thank you for partnering with TuneCore.

Happy New Year!

Scott Ackerman
TuneCore CEO


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