Five Tips on How to Utilize Your Track Smart Reports

December 22, 2014

Choosing the best tracks to fine-tune, market and promote is a lot easier when expert music fans coach you along the way with their candid opinions.

That’s just one of the many benefits you get when you purchase and use a TuneCore Track Smarts Report. Each report gives you insightful fan reviews, uncensored comments, enlightening summaries and definitive analysis that provide a strong foundation for making decisions with your music.

These are five key ways to use your Track Smarts Reports:

1. Market Potential

Market Potential ratings will give you a definitive prediction of commercial success within the market. 80% indicates a very strong single with a high amount of potential.

2. Word Cloud / Song Element Analysis

The Word Cloud will give you an overview of the reviews and the elements that reviewers mentioned. The Song Element Analysis will give you a breakdown of the different components of your track and how positive/negative the reviewers were about each specific bit. Consider this data as you create new music.

3. In-Genre Classification

The In-Genre Classification will show you where your track sits within your genre. You will be able to determine what you’re competing against on a large scale. Understanding your target market is essential to channelling your efforts successfully.

4. Track Positioning / Rating Distribution

The Track Positioning will tell you if the reviewers agreed about your track and how it compares to other tracks of your genre. You can see exactly how the ratings are divided in the Rating Distribution; this will help you comprehend the other aspects of your report.

5. Compare Your Data

Evaluating multiple Track Smarts reports alongside one another can tell you much more about your music than a singular report. Learning which track is your best is essential to achieving your potential and will help you connect with your target audience.

Choose the Track Smarts Report that’s best for you:


40 fan reviews, 4 data points, track rating, song element analysis


100 fan reviews, 10 data points, passion rating, radio play consideration


225 fan reviews, 16 data points, radio play consideration, A&R consideration by major labels, track positioning against 1,000 major label releases

Learn how to hone, promote and market the “right” songs. Get smart advice on putting your best music in front of your fans.

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