LANDR Instant Mastering: MixGenius & TuneCore Help Artists Polish the Sound of Their Music

January 15, 2015

[Editors Note: Hot off the heels of announcing our partnership with MixGenius, an intelligent audio technology company, Franck Nasso (Head of Sales & Communications at MixGenius), wrote this blog introducing LANDR Instant Mastering – TuneCore’s latest Artist Service.]

Do you record your own music? Are you spending more money producing and mastering new music than you’re making? Here at MixGenius, we understand the problems artists face. We’re a Montreal-based start-up whose creative team is made up of musicians and producers. We get you.

Since launching in May, our LANDR cloud-based, instant mastering service has made a great impact on the music industry. Now artists can master tracks in minutes, directly on the TuneCore website, via LANDR. This is great opportunity for artists who’ve never experienced the benefits of great mastering, or just can’t afford the pros.

Artists are taking control of their music’s sound quality, with LANDR Instant Mastering.

UK singer Charlie Simpson

“I’m a big advocate of new technology, so when it came to mastering the B-sides and rarities from Young Pilgrim I turned to LANDR,” says Charlie Simpson. “The software, developed by MixGenius, did an incredible job of mastering each song individually to a professional standard, and brought the whole album package together to create a fluid and seamless listening experience. I can’t recommend LANDR highly enough.”

Canadian guitarist Bennet Lewis of indie supergroup Of Montreal

“I’m 25, money is tight, and I’m giving everything I have to make it in this industry,” says Bennett Lewis.  “[LANDR is] an insanely cool service. The sound quality is great and the mastering program really does open up the songs and makes them pop. It’s like magic. Allowing musicians to master their work for a fraction of the usual cost is groundbreaking. This will no doubt allow creators the ability to continue their projects and end up with quality results that don’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Mastering makes music sound better.

Mastering is the art of refining and polishing finished stereo mixes by making subtle adjustments to equalization, selectively adding compression, stereo enhancement, and other psychoacoustic tricks like aural excitation.

If you master your music before you send it out as a demo, or share and sell it worldwide, you’ll know that people are listening to a higher-quality sound than your original recording.

We’ve made LANDR Instant Mastering easy to use—at an artist-friendly price. Just $9.99.

  1. Go to the TuneCore website. If you are a TuneCore Artist, just go to the Artist Services Page, go to the LANDR Instant Mastering section and click on the “GET STARTED” button. If you are not a TuneCore Artist, just signup for a FREE TuneCore account, then follow the same steps.
  2. Drag and drop your track into the LANDR module. LANDR’s responsive algorithm will analyze the nuances of your track and respond with a professional master unique to your song.
  3. In the module, you can compare your original mix with a sample of the mastered version before you purchase your mastered track(s).
  4. If you choose to purchase the master, it’s just $9.99 per track. That’s it!
  5. You’ll instantly receive a download link via email for your mastered recording. Then you can upload it to your Tunecore account or download it to a hard drive.

In the time that it takes to listen to a song, you can instantly master a track.

We’re very happy that we partnered with TuneCore to help artists enhance the sound of their music with a high-quality mastering that rivals what they would get from a professional studio.

LANDR is quick. It’s easy. It’s affordable.

Now indie artists can add mastering to their creative mix.

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