Mighty High Coup Visits Our Brooklyn Office

February 12, 2015

When TuneCore Artists come into our offices, it’s not just enjoyable because we get to step away from our work momentarily and ask questions (and occasionally eat pizza) – it reminds us all why we’re doing what we’re doing on behalf of our artists. To hear more about what an artist is working on, learning about their backgrounds, understanding about what they’re going through during their musical journeys – all of these things help us get a better feel for how TuneCore plays a role in our artists’ careers.

Today, Atlanta-based party hip hop trio Mighty High Coup came through our Brooklyn office to hang out, talk about what they’ve been getting into, answer a few questions from curious TuneCore staffers, and perform an impromptu a cappella style song.

Mighty High Coup – consisting of Mr. SOS, Ricky Raw, and A-Bomb – got together through performing and partying in Atlanta’s hip hop scene and have been distributing music through TuneCore since their debut, To The Moon in 2010. After that release, their track “808” received the remix treatment from legendary dubstep producer Bassnectar – which as Mighty High Coup shared with us today opened up doors into the EDM/house music/rave world. The trio now benefits from being involved in both worlds – EDM & hip hop – as they begin to intersect more and more. While Mighty High Coup’s fan base becomes more diverse as it grows, one thing their supporters share is their appetite for a good time!

Be sure to get more familiar with Mighty High Coup on Twitter & FacebookSpotify and iTunes, and check out our photos from their visit below:


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