First-Timers Share Their Plans To Make Most of SXSW

March 16, 2015

Last week we shared some input from some TuneCore Artists who are heading down to SXSW 2015, marking their return to the behemoth music fest. Whether this year will only be their second trip, or they’ve made it to Austin over five times, these artists chimed in with insightful lessons they learned on their previous go-around as well as super practical advice that any SXSW-bound indie could benefit from.

With the music portion of SXSW kicking off tomorrow, we thought it’d be cool to share the thoughts and pulse of our TuneCore Artists who are making that debut trip! Let’s face it, if you’re an indie artist,  you’ve likely heard plenty of stories from SXSW. Maybe you’ve even mapped out plans in your head for when it’s your turn to join the party?

We asked these artists how they planned to make the most of their first SXSW experience – let’s see what they shared!

SOMBRERO’S (Punk/Pop/Rock)
“To travel from Mexico to USA and spread our music. As simple as that!”

DJ Mullah (Hip Hop/Rap)
“I plan to network, network, network.”

El Extraño (Rock/Latin)
“It’s hard work, SXSW shows tons and tons – and tons – of interesting stuff in music, cinema and technology, and we are trying to review schedules every day so we can submerge ourselves in all of what is out there during the festival.”

Jetty Rae (Folk)
“Attending panels – especially those pertaining to copyright.”

Marineros (Pop)
“We plan to play our best sets ever! And go see other bands, try to contact them through social networks to see if we can partner up and do great things together.”

J Ramon Jackson (Pop)
“I wanna connect and collaborate with artists of multiple genres to develop better creative music that shows my true talent and the kinda fans I’m capable of reaching out to.”

Intocable (Latin)
“We’re looking forward to experiencing something as special as SXSW. We hope to go out, have fun, and put on a great show.”

Sevdaliza (Experimental)
“I’m just gonna headbang my way through Austin and talk to everyone I meet.”

Hand Job Academy (Hip Hop)
“Well, we’re definitely going to turn all the way up at our official showcase! Other than that, it’s all about watching artists we love, discovering new ones, nerding-out at some of the panels, meeting new people, collecting whatever is in the artist gift lounge, and eating tacos and BBQ and drinking Topo Chicos.”

Indevotion (Alternative/Rock)
“Be in the moment, put on a kick-ass show and pretend like we’re used to the heat and like we don’t have polar bears walking around on the streets back in Sweden…
Also gonna have fun and support other acts playing – the best way to get inspired and to make new friends and epic memories. It’s not a competition, it’s a festival!”

Magnificent J.O. (R&B/Soul)
“My main focus will be to network and become more familiar with the music business. Also, see what collabs I can cook up and do my best for a second appearance next year.”

Rebecca Perl (Pop/Folk)
“I moved to Austin, TX about 5 months ago from New York City. My goal was to play as much as I could in the Austin area from the moment I arrived and another goal of mine was to grab the attention of the locals in order to get accepted into SXSW. I worked hard to get myself noticed and I won’t let down the people who accepted me and the people who are coming to watch! I plan to practice and put on the best show I can.”

Social Club (Hip Hop)
“We have signed up for multiple lunches and events before time. If you don’t you will miss out!”

AFC (Hip Hop/Rap)
“We are planning to play our show, doing the best for the crowd that has never seen us live before. We are going to take with us all of our albums, videos and other stuff in a cards/flash drives to give out for free after.”

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