Artist Breakdown: Act As If, Curtis Peoples, Best of Friends

May 25, 2015

Is it just us, or did May absolutely flash before our eyes? The good news is, at the end ANY month in 2015, you’ve been able to rely on another TuneCore Live #SwisherArtistProject event! This month is no different, and we return to Bardot in Hollywood once more tomorrow night at 8PM. The event is 21+ and free, but as always we’re recommending you get there early as these things tend to fill up quick!

Thanks to the help of Swisher Sweets, our west coast team will be on the ground offering the chance for some talented TuneCore Artists to share the stage and showcase their music, including Act As If, Curtis Peoples, and Best of Friends. Show goers will also be able to enjoy DJ sets from Tron Stamos and HeyBradWhatsUp and awesome hand outs from our sponsors. In LA and wanna hang? Stream some songs and learn what independence means to the artists below!

Act As If

Act As If_PressPhoto6

Leader Peter Verdell assembled Act As If after releasing his solo debut album “There’s a Light”, from which several songs landed sync placements on networks like ABC, CBS, MTV, and IFC. Prior to pursuing a musical journey of catchy pop tunes, Verdell worked in the A&R Department at Drive-Thru Records, seeing first-hand how pop-punk bands like Something Corporate & New Found Glory entered the label system.

Being independent means that, for better and sometimes for worse, we’re the ones steering our ship; we’re taking the risks, we’re making the decisions, we’re making the music without fancy producers or hit-makers. But ‘independent’ doesn’t mean that we don’t need people on our side! We have lots of great people on our side…it just hasn’t included a record label at this point. TuneCore has played an awesome role in our musical journey! Honestly. The site is set up so well, and it’s been easy to monitor sales and see exactly what people have been responding to.

Curtis Peoples


Singer/songwriter Curtis Peoples spent time traveling between music towns L.A., New York City and Nashville writing and recording his latest album, Fight, where he exercised his ability to create “dynamic yet radio friendly music that fans of both rock and pop can enjoy equally.”

Independent used to be a much more powerless term as a music artist. But these days, with the motion and speed of the industry, it is quite the opposite. The ability to create and release music whenever I please keeps me inspired and on my toes and constantly moving forward and that is a good thing. TuneCore levels the playing field for indie artists. When I release a song now through TuneCore I know I’ll have the best distribution possible to reach my fans.

Best Of Friends

Best Of Friends - photo by Beau Evans copy

Boston-based folk pop band Best Of Friends‘ beginnings truly live up the their band name: the group got together as a way to write and perform a single song for band member Kevin McHugh’s wedding! Something fascinating must have happened at that ceremony, as the excitement and energy led to the band’s official formation has led to the release of 7 singles (distributed via TuneCore), and there’s plenty more to come!

Being independent means that we better work especially hard and write good songs because we have to do it on our own without the infrastructure of a label and all their various departments; it keeps us grounded, and also off the radio. Which I don’t love, because I want to be on the radio! We do have our own small team together however, and making this journey, music and product together is a lot more fun to watch and be a part of. Being independent and being in a band should never be used in the same sentence. 

TuneCore has allowed us to get our music out there to the masses, it’s super easy to use, everyone is friendly, it makes us feel less independent, it also feels like they are part of the team we are trying to build.”

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