Statik Selektah Talks SiriusXM Radio

May 18, 2015

Statik Selektah is more than just the host of ShowOff Radio (which he shares a name with his label) on Eminem’s Shade 45 SiriusXM station each Thursday night. He’s an accomplished producer and DJ, bringing back the classic boom-bap sounds of iconic 90s hip hop and providing beats for up-and-coming and veteran artists alike. His ability to release albums packed to the brim with hard hitting feature artists coupled with his skills to help break new MCs has made Statik a sought after producer.

Prior to his time at SiriusXM, his terrestrial radio career includes DJing at seven different stations, from around his native New England over to the west coast and even down to Alabama. Collaborative efforts with the likes of Termanology, Action Bronson, Freeway, Freddie Gibbs and others have only bolstered Statik’s resume further, making him an ideal radio host to introduce thirsty ears to new sounds in hip hop.

To get a better understanding of what it’s like to produce and host on SiriusXM, we asked Statik Selektah about the benefits of satellite radio, advice for getting heard as an independent artist, and more:

Aside from releasing albums and producing tracks for some of todays hottest and rising MC’s, you’ve been in the radio game since the 90s. How has your time at SiriusXM/Shade 45 differed from the various terrestrial stations you’ve spun at?
Statik Selektah: It’s been great because I have millions of listeners, and no rules! I take pride in a lot of the artists I’ve broke there, such as Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Mack Miller, Freddie Gibbs, Chance The Rapper, etc. The list goes on. They trust my ear.


Growing up around Boston, what fascinated you about radio? Who were your terrestrial DJ idols and how did they impact your music discovery?
Funk Flex was definitely #1 for radio, but as far as local in Boston, Geespin, Clinton Sparks, and Chubby Chub taught me a lot and gave me a shot. It taught me the industry at an early age.


For those who don’t know, can you explain the music programming process that stations and DJs go through at SiriusXM?
If you have your own show at Sirius in the first place, that means they respect your ear and what your brand is. So Paul and Reef at Shade 45 just let me do me. In the last 9 years, they have only stepped in once or twice telling me to tone it down, haha.


What do you feel are the major benefits and disadvantages of satellite radio as a whole?
There are no disadvantages. The benefits are that all of North America is listening. You never know who and where!


Has hosting ShowOff Radio been a vehicle for promoting artists you’ve worked with/your own releases?
Of course. I break all my label’s new stuff on our show, as well as through other DJs up there like Tony Touch, Revolution, Premier, Eclipse, Lord Sear & Scram Jones.


Do you feel you’ve been able to get greater exposure for hip hop artists you respect and listen to versus the reach of terrestrial radio?
No question. I get to bring up a lot of 90s artists as well as break new talent no one has ever heard. Where else does that happen?


You’re likely used to receiving unsolicited music from indie artists. How do you separate your efforts of reviewing music as a producer versus as a DJ? Or are they one and the same?
They are one in the same, but the difference is, my production and time isn’t free. But if I love a new record from an artist I’ve never heard that I come across, I’ll give them a look on the show. I also have the Showoff Casino on ShowOff Hip Hop’s website for new artists to kinda cut the line of getting heard!


What are some of the most common mistakes you see from independent artists looking to get their tracks spun on ShowOff Radio?
Being too aggressive, or acting like I owe them something. Don’t burn a bridge you haven’t crossed. There is protocol.


What’s the craziest thing an artist has done to get your ears, both during your time on terrestrial radio and on Shade 45?
Haha! Where do I start? I’ve seen it all. The smartest thing to do is to buy a beat off me and make something dope! That will get my attention, haha. Sending me 100 emails about how some internet station played your song doesn’t help. If I don’t like it, that’s it.


What kind of tips can you offer artists (hip hop and otherwise) that want to get heard by DJs that host shows on satellite radio?
Create a buzz online first. Or on the popular blogs or in your city. Don’t spam on Twitter or Instagram. That’s the worst.


What are your thoughts on the future of satellite, Internet and terrestrial radio formats?
It’s gonna get interesting. Digital has definitely taken over. All the stuck up rules of FM commercial radio is for the birds!

Be sure to tune into Statik Selektah’s ShowOff Radio on Shade45, Thursday nights 8pm-midnight, and check his website for new singles and mix tapes.

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