TuneCore & MSCLVR Offer New Way to Make More Money

May 14, 2015

When you distribute your singles, EPs, and albums, iTunes is usually on the top of the destinations list right? And it should be – with a huge market share for downloads, iTunes is an international powerhouse in terms of giving fans access to your music.

Once your music is live in iTunes, chances are you’re ready to start promoting and marketing the new release with links to buy it. Whether it’s friends, family, or a dedicated fan base, the iTunes Music Store is a great place to send them. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if you could in fact earn more money when people purchase your tunes via the link you promoted? Good news – you can!

MSCLVR (think ‘music lover‘) is a platform used for easy-to-build links to your music in the iTunes Store. Once you register and create a FREE account, find your album or song (searchable by artist, song or album title), and click “Get Link”, you’re ready to start sharing! Simply copy your newly generated link and past it anywhere you want: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, emails, texts, YouTube, etc.

Now when people click and shop for your music with the link you provided, you earn up to a 10% net revenue commission for each download sale tracked back to your MSCLVR account! Pretty sweet, right? MSCLVR tracks download sales commissions from your links WORLDWIDE, and you can follow your sales performance on your own personal MSCLVR dashboard. When sales are made, your money is deposited directly in your MSCLVR account.

“But how is the commission from a MSCLVR Link different from the money I make from regular iTunes download sales?”
iTunes pays you (the artist) the revenue from the sale of your music, minus their platform fees. That sales revenue is deposited in your TuneCore account. iTunes also pays out a percentage of their platform fees to “Affiliates” that drive traffic to their store. By using a MSCLVR link, and driving traffic to their store, you (the artist) are now also an Affiliate. So you are getting a commission above the net sale. You’re, in effect, getting paid twice for the same sale. Your commission is deposited into your MSCLVR account.

Got more questions about MSCLVR Links? Cool! Visit our Knowledge Base here for more info.

Ready to start building your own MSCLVR Links? Get after it here!

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