TuneCore Partners With TapInfluence: Helping Artists Connect With Brands

June 3, 2015

TuneCore is excited to announce a partnership with influencer marketing leader, TapInfluence, to give brand and agency marketers unprecedented access to the TuneCore Artist community for sponsored digital campaigns. The partnership will offer TuneCore Artists another channel to monetize their talents.

TapInfluence is an influencer marketing platform used by the world’s best brands to identify and collaborate with artists and content creators for sponsored campaigns. Marketers search TapInfluence’s marketplace for enthusiasts and influencers who help them reach targeted audiences across social platforms.

To simplify the process of sourcing relationships and executing campaigns, the partnership between TapInfluence and TuneCore will welcome independent artists, (a valuable and often overlooked segment), to the negotiation table. Further, it levels the playing field so independent artists can now participate in the same revenue streams that formally only represented artists were able to enjoy.

Historically, brand relationships were largely reserved for artists signed to major record labels and represented by highly connected managers, talent agents, and marketing agencies. Matching an artist to a brand was often an inefficient process; there was no clear avenue for a brand to approach an artist with an offer, or for artists to avail themselves to a desired brand. Independent artists make compelling brand partners because they are more flexible and collaborative and allow room for innovation. In general, they are also less expensive to work with and consumers find indie artists more reliable, and their voices more authentic. The coming together of TapInfluence and TuneCore will alleviate a lot of the current barriers to bringing brands and independent artists together.

Marketers are turning to music influencers to help them connect with consumers on their level. Through TapInfluence, TuneCore artists can create a variety of sponsored content such as images, photographs, testimonials and music for videos on YouTube, Instagram and Vine, in a voice that is authentic and natural to them. They also help brands create buzz by sharing events, product launches, and social media campaigns to their fans through their own social channels. Musicians are powerful influencers for brands and agencies because they are creative, reach millions of consumer fans on social media, and are more relatable than high-profile celebrities.

TuneCore, part of Believe Digital, represents more than 30% of all music uploaded to iTunes and their artists have earned over $541 million from over 15.2 billion downloads and streams. The partnership enables TuneCore to offer brand opportunities to its member base of 200,000 independent artists, giving them additional revenue streams.

“TuneCore’s mission is to help independent artists take charge of their careers and increase their opportunities to earn revenue,” says Scott Ackerman, TuneCore’s CEO. “We are proud to be blazing a trail with TapInfluence that opens the world of brand sponsorships to our artists and puts them in front the best brands in the world looking for innovative, authentic voices trusted by consumers,” says Ackerman.

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