Andy Allo Plays Live in a Convenience Store!

July 17, 2015

Ever wander into a gas station convenience store for a quick soda or snack only to find none other than Prince’s former protégé, Andy Allo and her band performing a new song in one of the aisles? No? Well you can check out some folks who did in LA during our second episode of our “Convenience Store Sessions”, brought to you by the Swisher Sweets Swisher Artist Project:


The Swisher Sweets’ Swisher Artist Project is an ongoing initiative to provide artists with unique opportunities to create, share and pursue their passion. And let’s not forget about the fans – the Swisher Artist Project allows fans to be at the forefront of what’s new and emerging in the world of music, the arts and entertainment. That means going beyond just sharing new music with the world – artists get the chance to showcase their talents in experiential settings that music fans will enjoy and remember. We’ve been working closely with Swisher Sweets to present TuneCore Live each month in 2015, and we’re psyched to be rocking with them!

You can keep up with all of the cool opportunities and content that Swisher Sweets is rolling out for the Swisher Artist Project by following them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and of course stay tuned with our upcoming TuneCore Live events here.

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