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Rdio Announces Addition of 500 Terrestrial Radio Stations

August 12, 2015

Rdio, the subscription streaming service and mobile app, has announced the introduction of live broadcasts from over 500 terrestrial radio stations. That’s good news for fans of radio, who can now listen live to both local and popular stations wherever they are.

This exciting announcement has been in the works for almost two years, since Rdio and Cumulus Media (owner of 525 radio stations) struck a deal in September of 2013.

Subscribers of Rdio will now have access to live radio stations that have been curated and offered to them based on their music taste. Rdio  has also unleashed options for users who want to establish a more interactive relationship with the stations they love: if a user hears a song they like, they can use Rdio’s interface and metadata to favorite, download and listen later offline!

“There [are] still tons of people out there that are listening to music every week that haven’t used any streaming service,” says Chris Becherer, Rdio’s senior vice president for product. “Our goal is to try to bridge that audience.”

So what does this mean for TuneCore Artists? Well, if you haven’t already, add your releases to Rdio! Fans who want a more interactive mobile experience when it comes to listening to their favorite terrestrial radio stations while simultaneously having access to a library of their favorite albums available for streaming are sure to increase Rdio’s subscriber base. Why not make your music available to them? Add your songs today.

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