TuneCore Artist Chris Janson has been having an awesome 2015. To look at most of the 29-year old country artist/songwriter’s career is to look at a journey indie musicians of all genres go through every year. But as the Washington Post pointed out this week, a case of good luck and great songwriting led his career down a new and exciting path!

Janson moved to Nashville from a small town to pursue a career in music after high school, and after playing in clubs he landed both a record and publishing deal. After exiting one and being dropped from the other, respectively, in 2010, he achieved songwriting success landing a song on a Tim McGraw album. Things were looking good, but as luck would have it, Janson’s second label went defunct.


It wasn’t until an exciting series of events and coincidences that his song, “Buy Me a Boat” would get aired on an extremely popular country radio program and shoot to #1. Read more about the journey of “Buy Me a Boat” and Janson’s adventure via the Washington Post. 

Stories like this make us beyond proud. From the magnitude of a large commercial radio station taking a chance with an indie artist’s tune and a major media outlet reporting on it, TuneCore is so pleased to have been part of the process that got “Buy Me a Boat” into stores and streaming services. Chris Janson is a wonderful example of how so many of our hard working, talented TuneCore Artists are getting up, getting out, and getting heard every single day – his recent success with “Buy Me a Boat” is just the beginning of a new chapter. Congrats Chris!

You can download “Buy Me A Boat” on iTunes right here!



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