Spotify keeps on expanding its offering to music fans and independent artists alike! Late last week, the streaming giant announced that it’d be rolling out new “About” pages on its interface.

75 million active music fans already got to enjoy the accessibility of finding their favorite artists’ discographies, bios and ‘Related Artists’  – a feature that I can personally attest to working very well when it comes to discovering new bands – and now they’ll get even more! Read about the three biggest new features to be found on artists’ Spotify “About” pages:

Unique Monthly Listeners

Ever wonder as an artist how many listeners are streaming your Unique Monthly Userssongs on Spotify each month? Or how about wondering, as a music fan, how popular your new favorite artist really is? Well now in the top left of each artists’ “About” page, users can see their number of unique monthly listeners, the positive growth on that number, the artists’ follower count, and where they rank globally on a monthly scale!

Discovered On

Discovered On Everyone’s got their own way of discovering their new favorite music – from blogs, to word of mouth, to radio stations. But in 2015, there’s no denying the power of playlists, and Spotify has been a major force in driving that momentum. In fact a recent study showed that 68% of paid streaming subscribers surveyed said they prefer playlists as a way to consume music. Now on an artists’ “About” page, you can see which playlists on Spotify are driving the most amount of discoveries of them! Not a bad way for fans to find out about cool new playlists, either.

Where People Listen

Maybe one of the coolest features of the Spotify artist “About” pages, this one seems to have taken a note from their friends at TuneCore! While TuneCore Artists can look to their trend reports for where they’re being downloaded and streaWhere People Listenmed most, Spotify has opened the floodgates for all fans to have a better understanding of where their favorite artists are being streamed from the most. Hey – maybe it’ll inspire some travel decisions!

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