Artist Breakdown: TuneCore Live LA @ Bardot, 10/15

October 9, 2015

While much of the independent music world will be hustling and bustling in New York City for the CMJ Music Marathon next week, we’ll be holding it down for another installment of TuneCore Live at our favorite Hollywood venue, Bardot!

With some help from Swisher Sweets, Mirrored Media and CeleBuzz, our west coast team will be mixing and mingling on Thursday, October 15th for this FREE, 21+ event. Haven’t made it over to TuneCore Live yet? Here’s the perfect chance! Come hang, get down to some awesome live music, and get to know some of the hardworking folks at TuneCore. Get familiar with this month’s line-up below, then head over to Facebook to RSVP. See you out there!

Terra Naomi


Remember back in the mid-2000’s when “YouTube” was just something your parents had never heard of? LA-based singer/songwriter Terra Naomi was one of the first artists to build a true YouTube following and won the first ever YouTube Award for Best Music Video in 2006! Terra went on to sign publishing and record deals with Universal and have her music licensed on TV, film and commercials. She’s leaned on TuneCore for numerous releases and is currently working on her third studio album and we can’t wait to hear it!

Jesse Thomas


While she moved out to LA to become an actress, Jesse Thomas found her true musical calling at a random open mic night. She managed to find a label, manager and tack a Starbucks “Feature of the Week” and an iTunes “Single of the Week” onto her resume in just five years! Jesse’s music is country and folk inspired, with her raspy voice carrying it all. She’s known as a ‘true entertainer’ around LA these days, and is also working on her third studio album set for release in 2016.

Roses and Revolutions

RR Photo 1

Roses and Revolutions are an indie pop duo featuring singer Alyssa Coco and guitarist Matt Merritt. “The big thing that clicked for us… is that the two of us write everything together. Every song we’ve ever written is a 50/50 collaboration,” says Merritt. Their sharp creative cohesion couldn’t be more present in Roses and Revolutions’ Torch EP, which was released in the summer of 2015.

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