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Q.SIC is the first commercially licensed subscription service in Australia and New Zealand – or, in other words, it’s a streaming service that is used specifically by retail and business establishments! Let’s face it, when you’re out and about – whether you’re checking into a hotel or picking up some food at a local restaurant – music can enhance your experiences.

qsiclogoEven as an artist, you’re a music fan, too, and you’ve probably heard a new song while out and thought, “Hm, who’s that? I should ask!” When you make your releases available on Q.SIC, you’re giving fellow music fans in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to say that about YOUR music.

When you add your music to Q.SIC…

  • Earn money when your music is streamed on curated playlists to hotels, restaurants, resorts, bars, stores, dealerships and more.
  • Gain promotional opportunities with Q.SIC’s retail clients.
  • Get heard by music fans who love Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B/Soul, Rock, Alternative, and Electronic.

So, what are you waiting for?! Give your releases the chance to be heard by patrons of all sorts of businesses today. Click here to add your releases to Q.SIC.


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