14 Reasons We're Thankful to be Artists

November 24, 2015

Here in the States, we’re just two days out from Thanksgiving – a time of turkey, stuffing, football, family and friends. But this time of year goes beyond all that awesome stuff just mentioned. It’s truly a wonderful excuse to stop dead in our tracks and remember what we have and why we’re thankful for it.

We all know being an independent artist isn’t easy. In fact, it can be difficult to get down on some of the struggles, right? That’s why it’s important to remember why you chose to be a musician – why it called your name – and acknowledge that it’s a pretty incredible journey to embark on.

This year, we reached back out to our community and asked them to share with us why they’re thankful to be artists!

“I am thankful to be an artist because music and art have always been able to say what words cannot. No matter how loud or how subtle our mark is, I truly believe that every day we are given the chance to make a difference. Don’t believe me? Go to an Adele concert and then go to a political function and compare the attendance… art might be the only thing keeping the world together.”

“I’m thankful to be an artist because with a couple of chords, a melody, and lyrics I have the ability to impact somebody else and make them smile, or, even better, feel related to – even if it’s just in those 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I get to take my soul, emotion, or story and pour it into a form that can be danced to with friends, sung at the top of lungs in a car, or listened to on repeat.”
– Chloe Caroline

“Music has given me the opportunity to explore places I otherwise would have never seen and introduce myself to new friends I otherwise would have never met. So I’m thankful to be an artist because it means that every day is a chance to discover more of the world.”
 David McMillin

“I’m thankful to be able to perform and entertain people, and give them a moment’s break from their problems, jobs, relationships, etc.  That’s why I do this, that’s what Adakain is about, and I couldn’t be happier!”
– Ryan Ray/Adakain

“We’re thankful for being artists because it allows us to truly appreciate great art. Knowing that each creator has climbed their own mountain of doubt, frustration, and insecurity makes art all the more impressive, and all the more human.”
– Nikki’s Wives

“I am thankful to be an artist because it gives me a reason to get up in the morning and know that I have purpose: to be creative and to help people feel things they want to feel. When someone asks what do I do, I’m always proud to respond “I play music.” It’s our duty as musicians to help people feel.”
– Tyler Boone

“Thankful to TuneCore for putting my music in the ears of so many incredible fans. A lot of people come back to me and say that my music helps them through the dark times, and changes their life. Them telling me this, in turn, changes mine too. It’s a beautiful cycle, that I’m proud to be a part of.”
– Antix

“We’re thankful for being able to travel the world playing music with our friends. Meeting people who share our passion for music is a highlight of our job. We’re also thankful for Taco Bell.”
– These Kids Wear Crowns

“We are thankful as artists to be able to travel the country and share our music with others. We are most thankful for the opportunities our fans have given us to see the entire country and all its beauty. We are thankful for the many people we have met along the way that have shown us the magic of music and how it brings different people together.”
– First Decree

“We are thankful to be musicians because it’s the most powerful tool we know to communicate  feelings, ideas, and dreams.”
– Prinze George

“I’m thankful to be an artist because of the gift that music gives to me: It allows me to be emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually fulfilled every day. As long as I focus on living out of that gratefulness, the rest comes easy and I am able to give back to those around me more than I ever dreamt I could.”
– Adley Stump

“We’re thankful to be artists for countless reasons! One thing we especially love is getting to meet so many incredible people. It’s so inspiring for us to hear how our music has impacted them, and hearing these stories gives us more strength then our fans will ever know. It’s so fascinating how music can connect all of us in such a unique and special way.”
– Two Story Road

“I’m thankful to be an artist because I am given the chance to do what I love everyday, which is expression through singing, songwriting and performing. These are what dreams are made of and to share it with the world is the ultimate blessing.”
– David Garcia / Bridge To Grace 

Thank You TuneCore for helping me and many other artists connect and engage with our fans around the world.  No matter the physical distance – you bring us closer to our fans than ever before!”
– Denny Strickland 


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